Douglas County, Colorado, voters say COVID-19 protocols, critical race theory decisive factors in election

WATCH NOW: Voters in Denver suburbs weigh in on pivotal school board election

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. – Voters in Douglas County, Colorado, told Fox News that COVID-19 protocols and critical race theory were two decisive factors in their Tuesday vote for the school board.

"Parents need to be in charge of their children's education," Jim, of Castle Rock, told Fox News. "What's going on in our schools right now seems a lot more like indoctrination to me than education, and it's time for a change in that school board."

Jim from Castle Rock, Colorado, weighs in on school board election. (Matt Leach/Fox Digital)

Debates around school board politics in places like Loudoun County, Virginia, have dominated the national conversation, but they are similarly playing out in other communities across the country, including in Douglas County.

The Douglas County school board unanimously passed an equity policy in March, which the district said "will ensure every DCSD student and staff member has access to equitable and rigorous educational opportunities" and will aim to correct any inequities in the school district.


Voters who spoke to Fox News were split on the issue. Several supporting the equity policy declined a request to be interviewed on camera.

"Some of this critical race theory stuff has never been taught, and the Republican Party seems to be thinking that it is being taught and that it should not be taught," one Douglas County voter said. "I don't know what they're thinking. They're distracting on issues."

Douglas County, Colorado, polling place.

Douglas County, Colorado, polling place.

Mack, of Highlands Ranch, said he evaluated each school board candidate on the issues. He said he was not sure what the equity policy is, but that he supports critical race theory.


"I'm in favor of critical race theory because I believe that we have a systemic system in this country that has gone back since the founding," he told Fox News. "And if you're not a White male, you know you don't have the same rights."

Mack from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, weighs in on school board election.

Mack from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, weighs in on school board election. (Matt Leach/Fox Digital)

Ali, of Castle Rock, said the debate over the district’s equity and COVID-19 policies did not necessarily factor into her vote.

"It’s important to be able to have an opinion and have it count on the issues that matter to you, whether it's our taxes or our children, fire and police," she told Fox News. "And to know where your money's going."

Katie, of Castle Pines, said: "I'm looking for change ... Not so much critical race theory. It was mainly the dealing of COVID and out-of-person learning last year that kind of drove me to come and vote for school board."

Douglas County polls close at 7 p.m. MST.

Matt Wall contributed to this report.

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