Deutsch: Ron DeSantis Is ‘the Prince of Darkness’

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Thursday on “Morning Joe” that 2024 hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was the “prince of darkness” while discussing the governor’s wrapping Pride Month campaign video.

Deutsch said, “Well, first of all, DeSantis is flailing. He is trying to continually move to the right of Trump. This LGBTQ thing is just — do you think this is moving voters? Are you really going to to paint Trump as a patron of this group?”

He continued, “You know, as an ad guy, there is one thing I learned over the years is people aren’t stupid. I don’t know the voter that will see that and go, ‘You know, what Trump I’m gone, DeSantis, you’re my guy.’ DeSantis is such a dark, dark, dark character. I’ve talked a lot about it on the show, how at the end of the day, candidate Trump, even though, you know, we eviscerate him and there is a likability if you are a Trump guy about him, he is entertaining, he is a lounge act, this and that. This guy is just dark, the prince of darkness and that is one of the darkest, most bizarre, twisted, deviant ads I’ve ever seen.”

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Authored by Pam Key via Breitbart July 5th 2023