Cruz accuses Democrats of using For the People Act to 'steal and manipulate' election results

Ted Cruz: Democrats' For the People Act akin to 'universal fraud law'

Republican Senator tells 'Hannity' why the Democrats proposed election reform bill is 'dangerous'

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told "Hannity" Wednesday that Democrats' massive election reform measure, known as the For the People Act, should really be called "the universal fraud law."

CRUZ: The Democrats made an incredibly cynical decision. They believe they benefit from voter fraud and they are trying to take this moment in time -- which is limited, but they have the White House and both houses of Congress -- they are trying to take this moment and lock their control in permanently by changing the rules to manipulate and steal election results. H.R.1 doesn’t protect election integrity, it undermines it.

The number one priority of Democrats is keep Democrats in power. That matters more to them than COVID and jobs and kids in school. They want to stay in power. This is all about stopping the voters from voting them out of office. It's a very dangerous bill.

You think about the last two months. Joe Biden made a political decision, and it was probably a good political decision, to be very boring. The last four years, Donald Trump was anything but boring. He drove the news. How many days in the last two months can you remember anything Joe Biden said? He doesn't do press conferences, he doesn’t say much of anything. He is as boring as paint drying and he’s doing that on purpose. A lot of folks are relieved not to have the drama, but it's all subterfuge, a mask designed to hide an incredibly radical policy agenda.


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