CNN’s Honig: Weiss Hasn’t Rebutted Whistleblowers on Investigative Avenues Being Cut Off

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” CNN Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig stated that while U.S. Attorney David Weiss has said he had free reign in the Hunter Biden investigation, that doesn’t disprove claims by IRS whistleblowers that investigative avenues were blocked, and Weiss “needs to answer” whether he cut off any avenues.

Honig said that he doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary about the deal Hunter got on the charges he’s facing, but the “bigger question, what we don’t know, is, what was the entire universe of facts relating to Hunter Biden and were there other readily chargeable or readily pursuable crimes or leads that were not followed up on? That we don’t know. It seems to be the subject of congressional inquiry, and that will give us the bigger picture here.”

He added, “U.S. Attorney Weiss has said publicly that his hands were not tied, that he had free reign to do whatever he felt was necessary. The whistleblowers have said that certain investigative avenues were cut off. Both of those things could actually be true at the same time. So, I think what the U.S. Attorney needs to answer here was did he actually cut off any potentially promising investigative avenues or not. That’s the key question.”

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Authored by Ian Hanchett via Breitbart July 25th 2023