Clyburn: ‘I’ve Always Had a Real Problem with Netanyahu, and That Continues to Be Today’

During Sunday’s broadcast of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) voiced his disapproval of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership.

Clyburn, a confidant of President Joe Biden, argued Netanyahu’s leadership had been bad for Israel. However, he would not go as far as to say Biden agreed with him about Netanyahu.

“When it comes to Israel, should he stick with his position on Prime Minister Netanyahu or perhaps rethink that relationship?” “Face the Nation” host Robert Costa asked.

“Well, I’m not too sure that we know exactly what that relationship is with Netanyahu,” Clyburn replied. “I’ve talked to the president about this. And, of course, he is not going to be public with everything he says to Netanyahu. But I know this, he feels about the way I feel when it comes to Netanyahu. He is — his leadership has not been good for Israel. We stand firmly with the people of Israel. But I’ve always had a real problem with Netanyahu, and that continues to be today.”

“You say you have a problem with Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and you say you’ve spoken to the president privately about this,” Costa said. “Does he have a problem with Netanyahu?”

“I’ve shared with the president what my feelings are about Netanyahu,” Clyburn responded. “He is going to develop his own feelings about that. He hasn’t told me exactly what -”

Costa interrupted, “But does he agree or disagree with your assessment, Congressman?”

“Well, he’s accepted my assessment,” Clyburn said. “I have not asked him whether or not he agreed with me. In fact, I just let him know this is the way I feel. I’m not running the country. You do what you feel is in the best interest of the country.”

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Authored by Jeff Poor via Breitbart February 18th 2024