Chuck Schumer Pledges to Bring ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban to Senate Floor this Week

chuck schumer pledges to bring assault weapons ban to senate floor this week
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Monday night via an X post that he will be bringing an “assault weapons” ban to the Senate floor “this week.”

Sen. Schumer posted to X:

Breitbart News has done numerous fact checks on Democrats’ claim that the 1994-2004 “assault weapons” ban reduced gun violence.

For example, on June 19, 2023, Breitbart News noted that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the ban lowered gun violence. We found her claim to be false as the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) issued a report, noting that any impact the ban had on crime was negligible.

Schumer is repeating Jean-Pierre’s claim and it is still false.

He noted that Democrats “stand with the American people” by standing for the proposed gun controls. However, just two weeks ago — on November 21, 2023 — Breitbart News pointed to an NBC News poll that found American gun ownership hit its highest level ever in poll history. Over half of Americans said they or someone in their home owns a gun.

Moreover, Breitbart News reported a Harvard/Harris Poll which showed six in ten voters said owning a gun is part of defending oneself against criminals.

If we focus specifically on firearms that Democrats label “assault weapons,” there were nearly 25 million such firearms in circulation on June 21, 2022. At that time, the National Shooting Sports Foundation observed there were more AR/AK-style firearms in circulation “than Ford F-Series trucks on the road.”

The number of AR/AK-style rifles in circulation is certainly much higher now.

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Authored by Awr Hawkins via Breitbart December 4th 2023