Chip Roy furious at fellow Republicans over spending debacle: 'Eat a s--- sandwich'

Roy was one of the negotiators for House GOP's stopgap spending proposal

Government shutdown looms as House GOP battles over spending plans

Reps. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and Chip Roy, R-Texas, join 'Hannity' to warn moderates against teaming with Democrats in spending battle.

FIRST ON FOX: Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, vented frustration at his Republican colleagues who are opposing a stopgap proposal to avert a government shutdown cobbled together by the conservative House Freedom Caucus and the more pragmatic Main Street Caucus. 

"If a Republican opposes a 30-day, 8% cut to the non-defense, non-veteran federal government with the best border security bill we've ever had attached to it, I honestly don't know what to say to my fellow Republicans other than you're gonna eat a shit sandwich, and you probably deserve to eat it," Roy told Fox News Digital on Wednesday.

"I'm an equal opportunity basher of stupid, and I think this is stupid."

It comes after negotiators for the Freedom Caucus, including Roy, and the Main Street Caucus unveiled their proposal for a continuing resolution, known as a CR, on Sunday night. It would cut discretionary government spending by 8% from current levels and included most of H.R. 2 save for a provision on eVerify. 

But more than a dozen conservatives voiced opposition to the deal. Some said they wanted to see commitments on total spending from all 12 appropriations bills to not exceed $1.471 trillion before they would move on a CR.

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Authored by Elizabeth Elkind via FoxNews September 20th 2023