Carville Defends Lincoln Project -- Tiki-Torch Stunt 'Was to Illustrate a Point'

Carville Defends Lincoln Project -- Tiki-Torch Stunt 'Was to Illustrate a Point'

Democrat strategist James Carville defended The Lincoln Project Friday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” for their so-called tiki-torch stunt, which Carville claimed was done to illustrate a point about Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin.

According to Carville, Youngkin had not been vocal about President Donald Trump’s remarks about the 2017 Charlottesville, VA incident.

“Well, let me — first of all, The Lincoln Project is independent of the Democratic Party of Virginia,” Carville declared. “I happen to know the chairwoman very, very well. And I kind of agree with what Stuart said. It was to illustrate a point that Youngkin has not denounced Trump, saying ‘There were fine people on both sides,’ in Charlottesville. I think this is a kind of a 10% of teapot like that. But, Terry’s campaigned hard. He’s raised a lot of money. And it’s just a tight election. And traditionally, only one time since 1965, where we follow a presidential election, heads the party that won the presidency, won the Virginia governorship. And that was in 2013.”

“So, that – it’s a race. Virginia is a state that Democrats have done considerably better in,” he added. “But this is a tough cycle that we’re in right now. And hopefully, we can win this. Well, some people think we got to do a slight favoring up. Myself, I’m too nervous to think right now.”

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