California Father Who Opened Fire on Armed Attacker: ‘It Was a Good Thing I Had a Gun’

california father who opened fire on armed attacker it was a good thing i had a gun
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Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Amar Gandhi says a California father who opened fire on an armed attacker Sunday to save his family is a “hero.”

The father and his wife were in bed in their Carmichael, California, apartment Sunday morning when 33-year-old Alonzo Brown came looking for his girlfriend around 1:00 a.m., CBS News reported.

Brown’s girlfriend was not in the apartment, but he believed she was, so he allegedly began trying to kick in the door.

He then allegedly looked into the bedroom window, where he and the wife “made eye contact,” after which Brown allegedly opened fire, shattering glass.

The wife said, “He saw me and we made eye contact and the next thing I know I am jumping out of bed because the glass is breaking,”

The husband retrieved his gun and returned fire, striking Brown with an unknown number of rounds.

Afterward, the husband said, “You cannot just let him come in the house with a gun.”

“It was a good thing that I had a gun. Just imagine if there was no gun.”

Sergeant Ghandi praised the father, saying, “That resident’s a hero. Obviously, he defended himself, he defended his property.” Moreover, KCRA quoted Ghandi saying, “The best part about this was that the resident at the apartment, who was a legal firearm owner, actually fired back.”

The gun in Brown’s possession was deemed to be illegal.

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Authored by Awr Hawkins via Breitbart July 25th 2023