Boston's Fenway Park to Open Full Capacity Memorial Day Weekend

Boston's Fenway Park to Open Full Capacity Memorial Day Weekend

Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park plans to open to full capacity Memorial Day weekend with masks no longer required for fully vaccinated fans.

“Starting May 29, Fenway Park will have the opportunity to operate at full capacity. On and after this date, masks will no longer be required for fully vaccinated fans, in accordance with current CDC guidelines,” the team’s press release reads. Unvaccinated fans are strongly encouraged to continue to wear masks.”

The decision to fully open and put the responsibility back into the hands of the individual comes after the experts, President Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci, opposed the idea of allowing the Texas Rangers to open up their ballpark on March tenth.

“Well, that’s a decision they made. I think it’s a mistake,” Biden said of the Rangers’ decision. “They should listen to Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, the scientists, and the experts. But I think it’s not responsible.”

Texas reported zero deaths May 17 from the coronavirus for the first time in nearly 14 months.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) tweeted the news, “0 Covid related deaths–the only time that’s happened since data was tracked in March 2020.”

Biden also previously criticized the governors of Mississippi and Texas on March 3 for lifting their statewide mask mandates as “neanderthal thinking.”

Wendell Husebo