Bishops’ Chairman: Biden Administration Controlled by ‘Abortion Extremists’

The U.S. bishops’ pro-life chairman Archbishop Joseph Naumann is urging President Joe Biden to act like the “devout Catholic” he says he is by opposing the evil of abortion, Catholic News Agency reported Tuesday.

Speaking on EWTN News Nightly on October 8, Archbishop Naumann said the Biden administration is “in the control of abortion extremists.”

“It’s really sad,” Naumann said in reaction to Biden’s reversal of the “Protect Life Rule,” which barred Title X recipients that provide or promote abortion from receiving tax dollars.

“He likes to call himself a devout Catholic. I would urge him to begin to act like one, especially on the life issues,” the archbishop said. “And to let his faith really inform his conscience and the decisions that he’s making, not the platform of his party.”

Right now, the Biden administration is “looking for every opportunity to expand abortion and is just one more casualty along that train,” he added.

“Abortion is not family planning,” Naumann said in a separate statement. “Abortion takes the life of an already-conceived and growing child. The violence of abortion wounds countless women physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”

“The Administration is wrong to allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortion providers who participate in a pre-pregnancy program specifically designed to exclude abortion,” he declared.

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Thomas D. Williams Ph.D.