Bill Barr: FBI's Russia Collusion Narrative Tied Trump's Hands in Dealing with Putin

Wednesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” former Attorney General Bill Barr weighed in on the so-called Russian collusion narrative that dated back to Donald Trump’s presidential election win in 2016.

According to Barr, the allegations, which he now deems to be a “big lie,” tied his hands in dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is in the process of leading his nation’s invasion of Ukraine.

“[I]t was a very damaging, big lie that started off the administration,” he said.

“Did it start out as a dirty trick?” FNC host Steve Doocy asked.

“I believe it did,” Barr replied. “I think it started out as a political dirty trick. But it was propelled by the FBI jumping on it and spying on the Trump campaign. And it goes beyond the unfairness to Trump and the disruption of his administration. I think it tied Trump’s hands to deal in — normally with Russia and try to negotiate some kind of structure or framework diplomatically that would avoid what we’re seeing today. But his hands were tied by Russia-gate. So it did a lot of damage.”

“Now, as you know, I appointed a special counsel to go and look at these origins … Mr. Durham,” he added. “And, you know, people are very impatient. I’m frustrated by the time it takes. But people have to understand that he wasn’t able to get into the major part of this case until December 2019, when the IG actually completed his report and turned it over to him. And then three months later, it’s COVID. So, it’s a long, torturous process. That’s what criminal investigations sometimes are. But I think he will get to the bottom of it. And if he can prove a crime, I think he won’t hesitate to indict people.”

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