Biden's remarks about 'vast majority' of law enforcement being 'decent' shows fear of far left: McFarland

KT McFarland: Biden remarks on law enforcement show fear of far left wing of his party

KT McFarland tells 'The Faulkner Focus' that President Biden's shot across the bow at some members of law enforcement demonstrate a fear of his party's left flank.

President Biden’s remark that the "vast majority" of law enforcement officers are "decent" this week demonstrated he's worried about offending the far-left flank of his party, K.T. McFarland said on Thursday.

In an interview on "The Faulkner Focus," the former Trump White House deputy national security adviser said she was concerned Biden had shown overt deference to more radical Democrats who support things like defunding police.

In a seeming nod to anti-police sentiments in some wings of the party, Biden paid tribute to two FBI agents who were killed serving a warrant by saying Tuessday, "By and large the vast, vast majority of these men and women are decent, honorable people who put themselves on the line. We owe them."


"These people gave their lives defending children of this nation," McFarland said. "I don't think you ever qualify that. You just thank them and their families for their service."

KT MCFARLAND: "He's worried about the far left of his party. The far left of his party which put him in office has talked about defunding the police. They are against law enforcement. They think the problem isn't the criminals necessarily, it's law enforcement. And so I worry that what this does is it speaks to their underlying attitude. The're not going to stand up to the far radical left or even worse, they agree with them ...

I've been very critical of the FBI. But not of the FBI agents, special agents. I've been very critical of a handful of political leaders at the very top of the FBI, who use their power to go after their political opponents in the Trump administration, myself included. This was two FBI special agents who have children of their own and they were doing their job. They died in the line of duty of protecting American children from predators, and I don't think there is any amount of explaining that should be done or needs to be done at this point. These people gave their lives defending children of this nation. I don't think you ever qualify that. You just thank them and their families for their service.

The problem that a lot of people have with Joe Biden, myself included, he's always been soft on China. He never stood up to China when it would have been easy 20 years ago. Now he is president and he's not keeping his own people in line ...


That's the big question. Is Joe Biden going to stand up to China? He never has, and even during the campaign didn't. If he doesn't, this is the biggest strategic threat to the United States and the biggest challenge the Biden administration is going to face, and they better get it right because the security and economy of the United States and future of the nation depend on it."

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