AG Garland Dismisses Claim DOJ Trying to Ruin Trump Election Chances — ‘Absolutely Not True’

During this week’s broadcast of CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Attorney General Merrick Garland was confronted by CBS’s Scott Pelley about the timing of his department’s investigations into former President Donald Trump.

Critics have argued the timing of the investigations and the subsequent indictments are part of an effort to derail Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign.

“In these case, prosecutors, special counsel — they follow the facts and the law where they lead,” Garland replied. “When they’ve gotten an amount of evidence necessary to make a charging decision and have decided that a charge is warranted, that’s when they bring their cases.”

“The investigation itself has determined the timing?” Pelley said.

“Yes, exactly right,” Garland said.

“Your critics say that it’s time to ruin Mr. Trump’s chances in the election.”

“Well, that’s absolutely not true. Justice Department prosecutors are non-partisan. They don’t allow partisan considerations to play any role in their determinations.”

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Authored by Jeff Poor via Breitbart October 1st 2023