Adams: People Don’t Cover Our Successes with Handling Migrants

On Friday’s broadcast of Caribbean Power Jam Radio’s “The Reset Show,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) — who recently announced plans to hand out flyers to people at the border encouraging them not to come to New York City and that single adult migrants will have their time in shelters limited — complained that accomplishments that there aren’t migrants in tents or living on the streets at the moment aren’t being reported on by the media.

Adams stated, “All the things we’re doing, they’re just not reported, and the access to the things that are needed. For example, jobs, we have 12,000 jobs that are waiting for New Yorkers. How do we have a 5% unemployment rate when you have 12,000 good-paying union jobs? I need to talk about that. Many people didn’t even report that the bond raters raised our bond rating in the city because of the way we’re managing the crisis. They’re not reporting that. We have over 90,000 asylum seekers in this city. And unlike other cities, you don’t see tents around our city, people living in tents, or children living on the streets. We incorporate those children into our school system without any federal help.”

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Authored by Ian Hanchett via Breitbart July 22nd 2023