Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Texas unlikely to turn blue in 2020 election, Rep. Thornberry says

Texas is unlikely to turn blue despite a close race between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the key state, retiring Rep. Mac Thornberry said in an exclusive interview with Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin on Friday.

Top two pro-Trump super PACs make final $20 million ad push

The two leading super PACs that are supporting President Trump's re-election bid are teaming up to shell out $20 million to run ads on TV and digital in seven crucial general election battleground in the closing stretch leading up to Election Day on Tuesday.

Biden to reverse many of Trump’s immigration policies if elected

Democratic nominee Joe Biden will reverse a number of President Trump’s policies on immigration if elected to the White House -- something that supporters believe will lead to a more humane approach, but that officials at the border and in the White House are warning will lead to chaos.

Trump, Biden and a tale of two tax plans in 2020

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have very different strategies for taxing Americans. The president has promised more tax cuts and his Democratic challenger has promised to make corporations and the wealthy pay their "fair share.

Coastal donors pouring cash into tight Iowa Senate race

The race for Iowa’s Senate seat, the second-most expensive contest in U.S. history, is neck-and-neck and the outcome may decide which party wields more power in Washington after Election Day.

Harris campaigns in Texas on Friday with longtime ruby red state in play

The Cook Report, a leading nonpartisan political handicapper, this week changed its rating of the state from Lean Republican to Toss Up. The most recent polls indicate Trump with a slight edge over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that's within the margin of error.

Democrats turning out at lower rates than Republicans in Miami

Democrats are turning out at lower rates than Republicans inFlorida’s largest county, Miami-Dade, the result of pared down field operations by Democratic nominee Joe Biden's campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Which states have the most electoral votes?

There are 538 electors in total, with each state getting a certain amount of electors as it has representatives in Congress. Every state has two votes per senatorand one vote for each of the state's congressional districts.

Trump, Biden trade barbs at dueling Florida rallies

With five days left until Election Day on Nov. 3, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump took aim at each other and courted the dwindling ranks of undecided voters at campaign stops in Florida on Thursday.