Friday, February 21, 2020

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Bernie Sanders disavows reported Russian efforts to help his campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., disavowed alleged Russian efforts to help his campaign Friday after The Washington Postreportedthat U.S. officials have determined Moscow is attempting to interfere in the Democratic primary race on his behalf.

Bloomberg admits company signed NDAs with 3 women who complained about him

Democratic presidential contender Mike Bloomberg announced Friday that he will allow three female former employees ofhis media company to be released theirnon-disclosure agreements that were signed "to address complaints about comments they said I had made.

CPAC aims to turn tables on Democrats after impeachment saga

EXCLUSIVE:CPAC, the premierconservative conference set to kick off outside Washington next week, will aim to turn the tables on Democrats in the wake of both the Russia collusion investigation and impeachment of President Trump.

Former Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch has a book deal

NEW YORK— Former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the career diplomat who during the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump offered a chilling account of alleged threats from Trump and his allies, has a book deal.

Bernie Sanders’ surge has party elders rattled, as Nevada poised to boost momentum

Bernie Sanders’ surge in national polls and success in the early-voting stateshas Democratic Party elders increasingly concerned about the self-proclaimed democratic socialist’s potential to become their nominee -- as he heads into this weekend's Nevada caucuses with a massive lead and aiming to cement his front-runner status.

Bloomberg using billboards to taunt Trump over steaks, golf

Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign has spent over $400 millionand one of its latest expendituresis aimed directly at President Trump -- it'splacing anti-Trumpbillboards along potential motorcade routes that the president may take while on his trip to campaignoutwest.

Past Nevada caucus winners

Nevada’s presidential caucuses date back nearly four decades. But their stature as an early voting state in the presidential nominating calendar and the first western state to hold a contest in the White House race is much more recent.

Who is Tomeka Hart?

Tomeka Hart served as the foreperson on the jury that convicted former Trumpassociate Roger Stonein his trial for lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering related to the 2016 presidential campaign.

John Kelly: Where is he now?

Trump recently hit back at his former chief of staff for defending a key impeachment figure, saying John Kelly “can’t keep his mouth shut.”

Democracy 2020 Digest: Warren won't disavow new super PAC, after years decrying them

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is reversing her position on opposing support from outside groups such as super PACs. The progressive senator from Massachusettshad long spoken out against such organizations -- but as she attempts to mount a comeback for the nomination after disappointing third- and fourth-places finishes in the Iowa caucuses and last week’s primary in neighboring New Hampshire, respectively,she’s changing her stance.

Trump slams Dems, Oscars, Brad Pitt as rally blitz moves to Colorado

PresidentTrumpcontinued his four-state trip out west Thursday evening with a wild rally in Colorado Springs, Colo., as he openlycelebrated Democrats' intra-party squabbling at the Las Vegas presidential primary debate -- and took unexpected shots at diverse targets including the movie "Parasite" and actor Brad Pitt.

Trump says Roger Stone has 'very good chance of exoneration' in Las Vegas

President Trump blasted Roger Stone's treatment by the criminal justice system, the Justice Department and the jury forewoman in theGOP operative's trial Thursday in a blistering address in front of an audience in Las Vegas, saying Stone has a “very good chance of exoneration.

Mob scene erupts outside Roger Stone sentencing

As Trump associate Roger Stone was preparing to exit the D.C. federal courthouse after receiving a 40-month sentence for witness tampering and other charges, a fracas broke out on the other side of the building among pro-Stone forces, anti-Stone protesters and members of the media.

Details of Roger Stone sentence

Former Trump operativeRoger Stone was sentenced to more than three years in federal prison on Thursday.

Trump leads in Wisconsin, trails Dem rivals in other swing states: poll

President Trump is beatingall Democratic presidential hopefuls in head-to-head matchups in the criticalstate of Wisconsin, but he lags or is locked in a tight fight with the Democratic fields in Pennsylvania and Michigan, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Bloom and doom

How do you like them apples, mister mayor?

Klobuchar calls out Buttigieg for losing past campaigns

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is questioning Pete Buttigieg’s ability to win – as the repeated debate clashes between the two Democratic presidential candidates appear to be getting personal.

Judge takes firm approach toward Roger Stone ahead of sentencing

The judge in the case of longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone appeared to take a firm stance toward the Republican operative ahead of deciding how severe Stone's punishment should be for making false statements to investigators during the Trump-Russia probe.

Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years for lying, witness tampering as case roils DOJ

GOP operative Roger Stone was sentenced to more than threeyears in prison on Thursday after days of drama ensnaring career prosecutors, the attorney general and the president over how severe Stone's punishment should be for making false statements to investigators during the Trump-Russia probe.

NSC official transfers to Energy Department, as White House rejects ‘Anonymous’ rumors

The National Security Council announced Thursday morning that Deputy National Security Adviser Victoria Coates is leaving to join the Energy Department, as the White House shot down rumors that she could be the anonymous White House official who authoreda New York Times op-ed and subsequentbook criticizing the Trump administration.

Hundreds camp out overnight ahead of Trump rally in Colorado

President Trump is gearing up for a rally in Colorado Springs Thursday evening, but many supporters have already been there for quite some time, braving cold temperatures and camping out overnight with the hopes of securing prime spots for the first come, first served event.

Pentagon chief visits nuke base to highlight weapon spending

Defense Secretary Mark Esper used his first-ever visit to a nuclear missile field in frigid North Dakota to tout the Trump administration's multibillion-dollar plan for a top-to-bottom modernization of the nuclear arsenal.

Buttigieg suggests that ‘maybe’ Bloomberg ‘should step aside’ over campaign memo

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigiegjoined 2020 nomination rival Sen.Amy Klobucharof Minnesotain slamming a memo by MichaelBloomberg's campaign that called for Buttigieg, Klobuchar and former Vice President Joe Biden to drop out of the race so Democrats could consolidate around the former New York City mayor as the moderate alternative to populist Sen.

Bloomberg takes debate beating over stop-and-frisk

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took heat from his political rivals Wednesday night for the controversial "stop-and-frisk" policing that was carried out during his time in office.

Warren unloads on Bloomberg: 'A billionaire who calls women fat broads'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., didn’t waste any time during Wednesday night’s Democratic debate in attacking the new candidate on the stage,ripping former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his past comments on women and for using his wealth to surge in the 2020 presidential race.

Ambassador Richard Grenell to be named director of national intelligence

President Trump announced Wednesday thatRichard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, will become acting director of national intelligence, in a move that has heartened conservatives eager for new leadership as a series of scandals have plagued the intelligence community.

Democracy 2020 Digest: Bloomberg wars with Biden ahead of debate debut

The fireworks surrounding Wednesday'sDemocratic presidential debate in Nevada started hours before the primetime showdown – asMike Bloombergclashed with primary rival Joe Biden in a round of political smack talk that offered a preview of what's to come.

Holder pushes for Supreme Court term limits, says '18 years is enough'

Former Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday openly called for 18-year term limits for Supreme Court justices, lending his support to a push that has gained steam among Democrats amid the Trump administration's rapid-fire federal judicial appointments -- and the possibility of a looming Supreme Court vacancy.

Sanders soars past Biden, Bloomberg in national poll

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the standout front-runner in the Democratic primary race, while former leader Joe Biden continues his downward spiral after big losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to new polling.

Trump and Bloomberg spar on Twitter ahead of debate

Hours before formerMichael Bloomberg will take the debate stage for the first time in his presidential campaign, the former New York City mayorand President Trump traded online insults as the feud between the twosimmers and Bloomberg rises in the polls.

Tulsi Gabbard: 5 things to know

Here are five things to know about the combat veteran congresswoman seeking the White House.

Amy Klobuchar: 5 things to know

Here are five things to know about Klobuchar as the 2020 presidential election cycle is officially underway.

Tom Steyer: 5 things to know

Here are five things to know about the least rich billionaire in the 2020 presidential field.

Top 5 biggest federal agencies

There are more than 450 federal government agencies listed in the Federal Register, covering subjects ranging from nutrition, to air quality, to elections, to the military. Here are the five largest ones based on the number of full-time equivalent civilian employees in 2018 reported by the White House, in ascending order.

Fired Bloomberg worker claims company lied to her, coerced her into signing NDA

Michael Bloomberg's company is facing a lawsuit from a woman claiming she was subjected to a hostile anddiscriminatory work environment when she returned from cancer treatment -- and was ultimately fired and pressured to signa nondisclosure agreement days after she was hospitalized for mental illness.