GREG GUTFELD: Racial harm means whatever these hucksters want it to mean at that moment

Gutfeld explains why DEI failed

Greg Gutfeld: Here's a simple test to determine if something is racist

FOX News host Greg Gutfeld gives his take on an article describing how to ‘decenter whiteness’ in the workplace on ‘Gutfeld!’

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Now, you might not like this, but it's time to decenter whiteness. Recently, anti-racist activist Janice Gassam Asare, who's so full of hot air, she has gas in her middle name. She published an article in Forbes that offers three ways to decenter whiteness in your workplace. Here's a taste, "White centering could be thought of as a system that prioritizes white dominant culture to the detriment of nonwhite groups and cultures. White centering has been given many names, including the White gaze and whiteness, as the default." Translation? There's too many White people but we can't say that yet. 

So here's a simple test to determine if something is racist. Just replace the word White with the word Black. Let's try it. "Black-centering can be thought of as a system that prioritizes Black dominant culture to the detriment of non-Black groups and cultures. Black centering has been given many names, including the Black gaze and blackness, as the default." I know. That'll make you regret shopping on White Friday. Here's another tasty tidbit. "Regardless of an employee's perceived productivity or performance, if they are causing racial harm, they must be held accountable for their actions." There's the phrase racial harm. That sounds like it could be a mile wide and an inch deep. Like if Dana Perino built a giant swimming pool. Tiny. Fact is, racial harm means whatever these hucksters want it to mean at that moment. 

So when someone gets called racist, you won't know whether they use the N-word or expected you to be on time. And since their target is whiteness, you can't cause harm if you're not White, even if you're really bad at your job. So no wonder Kimmel wore blackface. Obviously, reducing people to their immutable physical characteristics is racist, which is obvious to Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, who posted this on X, "I'm Done with this s***t. It's racist and it's gross. Forbes should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it. The author is a diversity equity and inclusion consultant. I've directed my staff to investigate whether her business receives any public money from Ohio." And responding to FOX, Asare shot back, "The senator has no idea what decentering whiteness actually means and how it's about the system of whiteness and not one White person or White people." Wow. Thanks for defining it. 


So it's not about one White person. It's about all of those crackers. Anyway, if you're keeping score, her one response mentions decentering whiteness, system of whiteness, White person, White people. Jesus lady. If you're that obsessed with whiteness, just admit you hate White people or you have a crush on Tom Shillue. Asare claims you need to read her book to understand what the hell decentering means. Nice try. I've already got burned once with that scam. Here's a good working definition of decentering whiteness. Elevate yourself by scaring White people out of the way. She lifts herself up by decentering others. But when equity scammers like her publish articles like this, they won't say whiteness is White people for some reason. So we are left with trying to tease out the qualities of whiteness on our own. And what if it's the same qualities that are employed by the people who are attacking it? Like when a race hustler gets a speaking gig or a job, do they not negotiate and try to get the best fee? Or is that a product of whiteness? When people climb the ladder in their own ideological orbit, that takes ambition. Is ambition whiteness? And if there's such a thing as whiteness, then there must be such a thing as blackness, too. Is it the opposite of everything White? 

But here's the clever part of the scam. Creating the concept of whiteness creates a palpable quality of whiteness in the target. It's fear. It's guilt. It's appeasement. Whiteness becomes the defensive reaction that a person expresses when they're branded for their whiteness, and that's why the DEI push at all these companies failed because it created a competing, divisive track independent of a company's welfare and one that ignored shareholders and customers. Which brings us to Disney. They now admit that you can't have two bosses, one that seeks the best return and one that puts pigment before profit. In its annual SEC filings, Disney says, "Consumers perceptions of our position on matters of public interest, including our efforts to achieve certain of our environmental and social goals, often differ widely and present risks to our reputations and brands." That's a lot of words for boy did we f*** up. But that's what you get for decentering Snow White and giving Tinkerbell a weenie. 

So as Disney's recent movies go woke, audiences are staying away in droves. They prefer being entertained than being shamed. But a diversity equity and inclusion officer doesn't care about a company's success. They care about extorting the company. They use the threat of racial accusation as blackmail. Sorry, Whitemail. So a failing company is fine as long as it obeys the woke prism of power politics. Sure, both folks will get fired but acting on the whims of punitive racism could be lucrative to those temporarily in charge. Remember when we were supposed to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Those were the days. Now, when I have a dream, I have to make sure it contains at least one trans minority, which it often does. 

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Authored by Greg Gutfeld via FoxNews November 28th 2023