GREG GUTFELD: Megan Rapinoe is throwing girls under the bus for enhanced status

Megan Rapinoe has previously claimed, "Dave Chappelle making jokes about trans people directly leads to violence"

Keep clapping! Don't stop, don't ever stop! Oh, is this real? Happy Wednesday, everybody. So it seems the country is running out of one of the most celebrated natural resources and it's not oil or natural gas, Eric Swalwell has that covered. It's victimhood. Only in America today could people who are richer, more pampered and more celebrated than you are claim to be victims of the rest of us. But like sharing a bucket of sardines with Joy Behar, there's only so much victimhood to go around. And so they're going to greater and greater lengths to extract new sources of whining. 

We're mining for whining and this gold rush is currently being led by Megan Rapinoe, mostly famous for damaging brands she endorses and much less for playing women's soccer, and she's now happily endorsed biological men playing women's sports. Of course, now that she no longer plays, and to her, it's the men who are the victims, not the girls they beat or replace. She recently told Time [Magazine], "We as a country are trying to legislate away people's full humanity. Now we care about women's sports. That's total **** ****. And show me all the trans people who are nefariously taking advantage of being trans in sports. It's just not happening." End quote.


greg gutfeld megan rapinoe is throwing girls under the bus for enhanced status

OL Reign forward Megan Rapinoe (15) is seen before the game against the Kansas City Current at Lumen Field. (Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports)

Well, Megan, it is happening. Trans are clobbering women in sports, literally. It's not our fault if you can't read or operate a smartphone, but she's right in one respect. No one cares about women's sports as much as we care about fairness or line cutting, which is what men who say they're women are doing. The line to the winner's circle is always shorter if you're a dude playing women's sports. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova, backhanded Rapinoe's hysterics with a single word, "Yikes...." She's an eloquent woman, and again, a reminder, she once called me an "asswhipe." So, you know, she's smart. Call me Martina. 

Rapinoe also claimed, "Dave Chappelle making jokes about trans people directly leads to violence, whether it's verbal or otherwise, against trans people." Of course, the Time reporter didn't push back. You would think a major journalistic outlet would ask Rapinoe one simple question: What violence are you talking about? But like people who find me unattractive, they're nowhere to be found. 

So where are the stats? I guess that's a tough follow-up question reserved for only Republicans, but is there evidence that debating this topic has somehow led to mass violence against trans people? Or is that claim just meant to shut down the debate? Is there some database that we don't know about? Is it one of those secret ones Merrick Garland has that compiles instances of White supremacy and parental terrorism? Maybe it's in the file with the White House cocaine test results, Jeffrey Epstein's visitor lists and Joe Biden's cognitive tests. The truth is, as it so often is the reverse. When biological men, people we used to simply call men, participate in women's sports, it's the women who get hurt. Well, men, too, if you count the gamblers who put their money down on the women. 


Take this incident where a biological male played high school volleyball in a women's team, and at one point he spiked the ball so hard, his female opponent suffered a concussion, and volleyball, as you know, is a non-contact sport. It's true. None of those players ever let me near them. What happens when men enter women's hockey, boxing, MMA? Does anyone with a functioning cortex not think that if LeBron James took a few hormones and threw a dress on, he wouldn't dominate the WNBA and make it somewhat interesting? He could get more points in a basketball game than Kat did on her SATs. 

greg gutfeld megan rapinoe is throwing girls under the bus for enhanced status

A split image of Caitlyn Jenner and Martina Navratilova. (Gregg DeGuire/ Tim Clayton/ Getty Images)

Also, the only demonstrated violence around Dave Chappelle was against Dave Chappelle when he was attacked on stage. The media seems to forget that violence, while chasing imaginary occurrences of other violence. Now, just because some bio-men physically hurt women in sports, that doesn't mean that all trans athletes do. That's a bunch **** ****. If I wanted to smear people, I'd work at a mud spa. Hmm. 

But proponents, they can smear away if you dare. As a parent, say, it's wrong for men to beat girls in sports or that activist doctors can override you on removing your child's healthy organs, then you're called a transphobe. Because these days, it pays to choose ideology over biology. And for a feminist who's turned against women, it's to make herself a hero because she's got no more goals to score. 

She wants to be the next MLK or Gandhi or Gutfeld, but don't fall for it, she's just throwing girls under the bus for enhanced status. And finally, most important of all, let's not blame violence on jokes. If someone stuffs Kilmeade in a locker, that's on them.

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Authored by Greg Gutfeld via FoxNews July 12th 2023