Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Trump Job Approval at 45 Percent

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows President Donald Trump sitting with a relatively healthy job approval rating of 45 percent.

In this same poll, at this same point in his presidency, former President Obama’s approval rating was also 45 percent. They also shared the exact same disapproval rating of 52 percent.

When you take into account the adoring coverage Obama enjoyed from all of the establishment media throughout his failed presidency and compare it to two-year hate campaigns the media have launched against Trump, this is a remarkable achievement for our 45th president.

Among Republicans, Trump enjoys an extraordinary 86 percent approval rating. Independents approve at 34 percent, and Democrats approve at just 11 percent.

In the generic ballot that looks at the 2018 midterm elections, the lead for Democrats over the GOP has dropped to just two points (41-39 percent). One week ago, in this same poll, Democrats enjoyed a six-point lead.

This drop in support for Democrats is in keeping with other polls released this week, which average out to just a two-point lead, down from seven points three weeks ago.

John Nolte

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