Rapper Lil Pump Endorses Trump over Biden Tax Plan: 'F**k Sleepy Joe'

Rapper Lil Pump Endorses Trump over Biden Tax Plan: 'F**k Sleepy Joe'

Rapper Lil Pump addressed his 17 million Instagram followers on Sunday night and threw down an emphatic and profanity-filled endorsement of President Donald Trump’s reelection bid, and rebuked Joe Biden’s proposed tax hike.

“All I gotta say is Trump 2020 bitch” he said. “Fuck I look like paying a extra 33 is tax for Biden, bitch ass nigga. Fuck sleepy Joe … Trump 2020 bitch,” the rapper Lil Pump said in a brief but boisterous video endorsement.


Indeed, Joe Biden has promised, most recently on the presidential debate stage last week, that he will “eliminate the Trump tax cuts.” Such a move would result in an enormous hike of most Americans’ taxes.

As Breitbart News’ John Nolte notes:

The Trump tax cuts, officially known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), were a boon for the middle class in how they practically doubled the standard deduction for singles from $6,350 in 2017 to $12,000 in 2018; nearly doubled the standard deduction for married couples from $12,700 to $24,400, and bumped up the child tax credit up from $1,000 in 2017 to $2,000 in 2018.

If you eliminate the Trump tax cuts, you slash those deductions on working people and families almost in half. That’s a huge tax increase because then, for example, a married couple will be paying federal taxes $11,700 in income they weren’t paying under the TCJA. So if your federal tax rate is, say, 20 percent, that’s an annual tax increase of around $2300.

Lil Pump’s endorsement of President Trump comes in the wake of rapper and actor 50 Cent endorsing the President’s election. For New York City taxpayers earning more than $400,000 like 50 Cent, Biden’s tax plan would see them paying a combined state and local income tax rate of more than 60 percent. And 50 Cent wants no part of it.

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THE DAY I MET TRUMP #trump202022020

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“WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE For TRUMP) IM OUT, FUCK NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway,” 50 Cent said.

ὄYeah, i don’t want to be 20cent. 62% is a very, very,bad idea. 😟i don’t like it ! #abcforlife nov 18 #starzgettheapppic.twitter.com/y9TsSs0o6Q

— 50cent (@50cent) October 20, 2020

50 Cent doubled down, adding that Biden’s proposed tax plan would take him from “50 Cent” to “20 Cent.”

“Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent. 62% is a very, very, bad idea, i don’t like it!”

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