Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pete Buttigieg Questions if Donald Trump Will Run in 2020 After Mueller Report

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, while visiting picketing Stop & Shop workers in Massachusetts on Friday, asked if Republicans will nominate President Donald Trump to be their presidential nominee following the release of the Mueller report.

Buttigieg punted the decision to Congress upon being asked if he supported impeaching the president and noted that he was preparing to beat Trump “if” he was still running for re-election.

“I think he may well deserve it, but my focus, since I’m not part of Congress, but I am part of 2020, is to give him a decisive defeat at the ballot box if he is the Republican nominee in 2020,” he said.

Gallup polling numbers routinely show that up to 90 percent of Republicans approve of President Trump’s presidency.

Buttigieg said the report that special counsel Robert Mueller drafted was filled with evidence of “corrupt and perhaps criminal behavior” in the White House.

“I think they are well within their rights to be considering impeachment, and I’ll leave it to Congress to decide what to do next,” he said, urging them to keep investigating the president.

Charlie Spiering

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