Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pete Buttigieg: 'Flat Out False' Christians Have to Support Donald Trump

Mayor Pete Buttigieg continued his campaign over the weekend to shame Christians who support Donald Trump.

“[I]t is flat out false that Christian faith or any faith compels us to support or condone what is going on in this White House today,” Buttigieg said while addressing the Black Church PAC Presidential Candidate Conversation series on Friday afternoon.

The mayor spent time in South Carolina over the weekend speaking directly to Christians and attended church service at Bethel AME Church in Georgetown.

“It’s so uplifting to be able to begin our week this way, and its so to see the way people here support each other in faith,” he said after the service.

But Buttigieg has a history of opposing Christians who support President Trump.

Buttigieg began his campaign attacking Vice President Mike Pence as the “cheerleader of the porn star presidency” and suggested that he abandoned his Christian faith.

“Is it that he stopped believing in Scripture when he started believing in Donald Trump? I don’t know,” he said about Pence.

He also criticized the Evangelical community for supporting Trump in the 2016 election.

“Well, it’s something that really frustrates me because the hypocrisy is unbelievable,” he said in an April interview.

On the debate stage in July, Buttigieg blasted what he called “so-called” Republican Christians for opposing the minimum wage.

“The minimum wage is just too low, and so-called conservative Christian senators right now in the Senate are blocking a bill to raise the minimum wage, when Scripture says that whoever oppresses the poor taunts their maker,” he said, citing the book of Proverbs.

Charlie Spiering

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