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MSNBC Apologizes For Sheriff Saying ‘C**n,’ ‘F*ggot’ During Live Press Conference

[Offensive language warning]

Tuesday during a press conference airing live on MSNBC, Jefferson Parish, LA Sheriff Newell Normand began to read the offensive attacks officials received during the investigation of the death of Joe McKnight.

Normand said, “Our elected leaders stood by me and I want to thank them again. you are true leaders. You are credible leaders. You did not do what was in your best interest. You did what was in the best interest of the community and you’re suffering for it and I feel bad for you. I do. And I’m sure you see the emotion in me because it’s not fair. It’s not fair for him to be called ”You punk-ass Uncle Tom coon, we saw you sell out to them, you rat ass faggot punk,’ That’s the tone of what we call our elected leaders for standing up and simply saying let justice prevail and let the process take its course.”

Anchor Tamron Hall cut off the live coverage and apologized for the offensive language saying “ Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to pivot from this, what has been, first of all, let me apologize for some of the language we were not expecting. That is the sheriff from Jefferson Parish who used several, what he said were quotes directed at sheriffs in his department, slurs, racial slurs and homophobic that did not expect from the sheriff of a police department.”

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