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BMW Says New China Deal Will Not Diminish Investment, Jobs in the U.S.

BMW says it is sticking with plans to add 1,000 workers and invest $600 million in South Carolina, even though the company will start production of a new vehicle in China.

BMW spokesman Ken Sparks told the Herald-Journal of Spartanburg the company’s new electric iX3 SUV will be produced only in China. He says it won’t affect Spartanburg production.
The announcement appeared to be a denial of earlier reports that said the car-maker was moving production out of the U.S. and into China.

BMW and Chinese partner Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings said Monday a joint venture called BMW Brilliance Automotive will increase the number of vehicles made annually in China to 520,000 next year.

Sparks also said BMW has not changed plans to expand in Spartanburg and start production of the new X7 model later this year. The company plans to add 1,000 jobs by 2021. BMW says the hiring would bring Spartanburg employment to about 11,000 jobs.Spartanburg plant exports about 70 percent of the 400,000 vehicles produced each year, Sparks told the Herald-Journal.. The number one export destination for American-made BMWs is China, followed by Germany, according to the Herald-Journal.–The Associated Press contributed to this report.–Follow John Carney on Twitter: @carney

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