Wednesday, June 3, 2020

4 Dolphins Kneel for National Anthem on 9/11

NFL player-activists continued to take a knee Sunday during the national anthem to protest alleged oppression of blacks in America.

On Sunday in Seattle, Dolphins running back Arian Foster, wide receiver Kenny Stills, safety Michael Thomas, and linebacker Jelani Jenkins took a knee as everyone else rose to honor America. They are taking a knee for “injustice in America,” according to civil-rights activist Shaun King.

But what is the end game? How will we know when the injustice has subsided to the point so they can stand again?

Perhaps when the murder rate in Chicago falls. It’s currently on a record pace (512 so far this year) with most of the victims African-American. Or maybe when the black teen unemployment employment rate of 31 percent, six times higher than the national average, improves.

Maybe that is what the NFL activists are waiting on, for these two oppressive situations to be fixed.

We will see. Don’t hold your breath. This seems like a one-note song – it’s clearly an extension of the Black Lives Matter movement, and it’s about police killing a few unarmed black suspects.

The NFL has two more games on tap this week, on Monday night, so expect more of the same, especially with one of the games featuring San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick, he with the socks that feature pigs in police uniforms. He started this movement. He doesn’t start for the 49ers Monday night.

Daniel Leberfeld