Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Swalwell bypasses coffee inside Trump Tower, tweets about it

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., got a different kind of roast after sharing how his trek to get a cup of coffee on Wednesday involved bypassing a café in the nearby Trump Tower and walking a couple of extra blocks in snowy New York City to get his caffeine fix elsewhere.

Former FBI general counsel thought Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted until 'pretty late' in email investigation

The FBI's top lawyer in 2016 thought Hillary Clinton and her team should have immediately realized they were mishandling "highly classified" information based on the obviously sensitive nature of the contents of the emails sent through her private server -- and believed she should have been prosecuted until "pretty late" in the investigation, according to a transcript of his closed-door testimony before congressional committees last October.

House Dems to challenge Trump emergency declaration on Friday

House Democrats are planning to file a resolution Friday to block President Trump's emergency declaration to secure more funding for his southern border wall, although the proposal faces questionable odds in the Senate and the virtually certain prospect of a fatal White House veto that would be nearly impossible for Congress to overcome.

Fox News Poll: Voters split on abortion, but majority wants Roe v. Wade to endure

On the heels of controversial late-term abortion legislation from New York and Virginia in January and an early February Supreme Court ruling blocking a Louisiana state law that would have restricted access to the procedure, the latest Fox News Poll finds that voters remain divided on the issue.

Felony criminal charges against Jussie Smollett approved, Chicago police say

Authorities in Chicago on Wednesday approved felony criminal charges against"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett, hours after hewas "officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation" for allegedly "filing a false police report" in connection with his attack claims, police said.

Mueller probe 'near the end game' amid shakeup at DOJ, sources say

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe is wrapping up soon, and a source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News it is "near the end game" -- although there has been no formal notification to President Trump's legal team that Mueller's work is completed.

Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone starts at $2G's

Samsung today announced the nation's most expensive, and possibly most innovative smartphone: the $1,980 (and up) Galaxy Fold, a 4.6-inch smartphone that expands into a 7.3-inch tablet.

Michael Cohen prison date pushed back to May 6

A judge in New York on Wednesday agreed to postpone by two months the date that President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen has to surrender to authorities to serve his prison sentence.

ISIS wife from Alabama will not be admitted to the US, Pompeo says

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that an Alabamawoman who joined ISIS but now wants to return home with the 18-month-son she had with her ISIS husband will not be admitted back into the United States, saying she is not a U.S.

Pentagon cloud-computing contract sought by Amazon faces new hurdle

A federal judge delayed a lawsuit over a massive Pentagon cloud-computing contractAmazon.comInc.was favored to win so the government could investigate what it said was “new information” onpossible conflicts of interestin the procurement process.

Justin Fairfax accuser says Dems are ducking her case: ‘Pure cowardice’

The attorney for a woman who has accused Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of raping her while they were undergraduates at Duke University nearly two decades ago is accusing state Democrats of “pure cowardice” for signaling they won’t proceed with public hearings on the allegations against him.

19-year-old bride defends marriage to 62-year-old husband

Hopeless romantics would likely agree that love knows no age, but a married couple with 43 years difference between them say they are simply "exhausted" by the criticism and skeptic looks they get almost on a daily basis.

Ocasio-Cortez goes on tear defending role in Amazon’s New York exit

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezvigorously defended her role in sinking Amazon’s move to New York City on Tuesday in the face of bipartisan criticism, claiming the deal would have been “one of the biggest giveaways in state history” and would have priced people out of the local community.

Salt Bae opening burger joint in NYC

Nusr-Et Burger will open later this year in 2,800 square feet on the ground and will have another 3,200 square feet on the lower level for storage and prep work.

McCabe: I don't 'hate' Trump despite his attacks on my wife

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was asked during a television interview Tuesday if he “hates” President Trump, specifically regarding the president's repeated verbal attacks on McCabe's wife.

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