Thursday, December 12, 2019

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10 top gadgets of 2019

As 2019 is winding down and we enter the holiday season, it’s time to look back at the best devices -- the ones that stood out in a crowded field.

Comedian Chris Cotton dead at 32

Comedian Chris Cotton is dead at the age of 32, Comedy Central announced on Wednesday.

Michael Cohen seeks reduced sentence, says AG Barr acted in bad faith

President Trump'sformer attorneyMichael Cohenis seeking to reduce his 36-month prison sentenceon the basis that Attorney General Bill Barr's Justice Departmentacted in bad faithduring his legal battle, according to court documents obtained by Fox News.

Kelly Ripa reveals 2019 family Christmas card

Just one week after unveiling the family’s Christmas tree, dubbed “The Lady,” Kelly Ripa is back again -- this time to reveal the Consuelosfamily holiday card.

Harvey Weinstein, accusers reach tentative $25M settlement: report

After a lengthy stalemate, Harvey Weinstein and the board of the now-bankrupt film studio bearing his name have reached a tentative agreement with a number of his alleged sexual misconduct victims, this according to The New York Times.

Klobuchar goes on attack, grills Horowitz on Russian interference

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., went on the offensive during the Senate Judiciary Committee's questioning of Justice Department Inspector General (IG)Michael Horowitzon Wednesday,shifting the focus of the hearing from the failures of the FBI during its Russia investigation by grilling Horowitz on the ongoing threat of Russian election interference.

Biden denies planning for one-term presidency

Joe Biden’s shooting down a report that he’s signaled to top aides that he would only serve one term as president if he wins the 2020 election.

Navy prepares its new Ford-class carriers for F-35C stealth attack

The Navy is preparing its first two new Ford-class aircraft carriers to launch air attacks with the first-of-its-kind carrier-launched F-35C stealth fighter, a move expected to further transform maritime air attack and bring new mission options to commanders.

IG calls for ‘accountability’ over FBI failures in Russia probe

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found in his long-awaitedreport on the FBI's Russia investigationthat there was no evidence of political bias in the probe's launch --but he made clear during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committeethat this does not let anyone off the hook.