Woman tries to get bride fired for not allowing children at wedding reception

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Not everyone wants kids at their wedding reception.

A bride-to-be is facing serious consequences because her future sister-in-law apparently can’t accept the fact that the wedding reception is going to be kid-free. According to the future bride, her fiancé’s sister was so upset about the situation that she apparently went to the bride-to-be’s job and is trying to get her fired.

A bride-to-be is facing serious consequences because her future sister-in-law apparently can’t accept the fact that the wedding reception is going to be kid-free. (iStock)

The bride-to-be posted her story on Reddit’s forums, where she explained that she and her husband are planning their wedding ceremony with his 4-year-old niece, who happens to be autistic, in mind. While the ceremony will be designed to avoid having any of the young girl’s triggers, the couple decided that their reception would be child-free, which is becoming more common in modern weddings.

The bride-to-be writes that after explaining this to everyone, the problems began. According to her, "My future sister-in-law has told us that her daughter will also be at the reception, that she can't be just put with a sitter (even though I'm a special education teacher so I have a friend who would be willing to watch her instead of going to the reception)."


The post continues, "We have put our foot down and said, ‘There are no children at our wedding.’ She's ASD level 2, her triggers are music that’s not kids, food with certain textures, lights, other people sitting certain ways, clothing textures the whole thing (even if the clothes are on other people, I have my dream dress for the reception because if I wore it around her it would trigger her)."

The future sister-in-law apparently reacted very negatively to this and even went as far as going to the bride-to-be’s current employer to say that she’s "unfit" for her job. According to the future bride, due to the nature of her position, the claims have to be investigated.


"My fiance and mother-in-law are telling (the sister-in-law) off, saying it’s not fair to the family to have to accommodate my niece 24/7 and they want to have a night of adult fun without worrying about a niece meltdown because I decided to wear a sparkly dress and serve chicken and listen to music that wasn't created for children. My fiance and I want a childfree wedding reception because personally, we don't have time to hang out with our friends without children around and we all deserve a night of adult-only fun."

Like the groom’s family, Reddit’s commenters took the bride’s side.

"What is it about weddings that make people literally lose their minds," asked one user. "Not your wedding, not your call. If she’s that attached to her child she is more than welcome to stay home which at this point is definitely for the best."


Another user added, "Wow, at least your future mother-in-law is on your side. Sounds like this sister-in-law is crazy and she will do everything in her power to make your life miserable. Trying to get you fired? Unbelievable."

"I'd hire a lawyer," added another user who thought the bride should fight back. "After publicly dragging her through as much hell and personal misery as I could possibly inflict. She'd be dead to me for all eternity. I would never forgive her."

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