'Snooty' the shark flashes razor sharp smile off Florida coast

'Snooty' the smiling shark spotted off the coast of Florida

A 9-foot female lemon shark who has become a celebrity thanks to her uncanny resemblance to Bruce the shark in "Finding Nemo." (Ocean Rays Photography/FOX 35)

An infamous shark dubbed "Snooty" was seen exploring the Florida coastline, prompting people to comment on the shark's uncanny resemblance to the shark in the beloved family film, "Finding Nemo."

The 9-foot female lemon shark has become a Florida celebrity thanks to her razor sharp smile and recurring presence on the Florida coast. The shark became a viral sensation thanks to underwater photographer Rayna O’Nan, who runs the Instagram page Ocean Rays Photography,.

'Snooty' was filmed in Jupiter, Florida by Ocean Ray Photography(Ocean Ray Photography via FOX 35)

Bruce the shark is from the popular 2003 "Finding Nemo" movie.

Bruce the shark is from the popular 2003 "Finding Nemo" movie.(Disney)


O'Nan shared her most recent close encounter with Snooty and the posts garnered nearly 170,000 likes and thousands of comments.

In the video, Snooty approaches O’Nan near the surface, the shark grinning broadly as always. She then swims right up to the diver’s outstretched hand, and O’Nan gives her a pat on the nose.

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