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lifestyle weekend split wolf cicada pumpkin

In case you missed it in Lifestyle this week, soak up these top headlines — including stories about what happened to a rare wolf, cool pumpkin-growing tips from a world-record grower, some startling nature news and more. (iStock; David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images; courtesy Excel Pest Services)

Oddities & hot topics

A TikTok user recently uploaded a video showing how McDonald's prices in California have risen around the time of the recent minimum-wage increase. Click here to get the story.

We say "break a leg" and "bite the bullet" almost without thinking, but where did these expressions come from? Click here to get the story.

A library in Colorado recently received a book that had been due back more than a century ago. And look — no late fees! Click here to get the story. 

copy of Ivanhoe that was 105 years late

The copy of "Ivanhoe: A Romance," was returned to the Poudre Libraries nearly 105 years to the day after it was due. (Poudre Libraries)

Delicious food

Take a look at how the state of Georgia became known for its peanuts, a legume "superfood" that is native to South America. Click here to get the story. 

A banana-focused food truck in New Jersey serves up yummy frozen treats from April to September for a "clean and refreshing" snack. Click here to get the story. 

Amanda Bananas truck and smoothie

Amanda Bananas operates out of a food truck in Hoboken, New Jersey — serving up fruity, soft-serve treats from April through September.  (The Original Amanda Bananas)

Wild nature

In newly released footage from National Geographic, young penguins are seen bravely taking a 50-foot dive into the water below for their first swim ever. Click here to get the story. 

Wildlife officials have launched an investigation after a hunter recently reported his harvest, which he believed to be a coyote — but after further genetic testing, the kill proved to be something far rarer. Click here to get the story. 

hunter shoots gray wolf split

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the animal killed in Calhoun County, Michigan's southern Lower Peninsula, was not a coyote. An expert shared details about the shocking discovery. (iStock)

House & home

Two friends in Texas buy properties together as pals — and are now advising others about their "houses before spouses" philosophy. Click here to get the story.

Trillions of cicadas are expected to emerge in the U.S. this spring. Experts reveal what homeowners need to know ahead of their arrival. Click here to get the story. 

A close-up image of a cicada

Cicadas almost too numerous to count will be emerging this spring. Here's what to know about these insects ahead of time.  (Courtesy of Excel Pest Services)

Great outdoors

The country of Japan is giving 250 new cherry trees to the United States. Here's why. Click here to get the story.

An Oregon woman reeled in a record-breaking fish that ended up being a species she'd never seen before. Learn about her bizarre-looking catch. Click here to get the story.

Split images of woman smiling and holding fish

Rebecca Jones of Tillamonk, Oregon, caught a record-breaking monkeyface prickleback last week. (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Better get planting!

Here are 12 insights and tips for creating a bountiful vegetable garden this spring and summer. Click here to get the story.

Read five foolproof tips for growing giant backyard pumpkins by fall. First tip: You'll want to plant your seeds this spring. Click here to get the story. 

Man with giant pumpkin

Some people in America have grown record-setting pumpkins that end up weighing hundreds, even thousands of pounds. (David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

American ingenuity

Meet Deborah Adler, an American woman from New York who was inspired by her grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, to make prescription medications safer and their labeling clearer and easier to understand for all. Click here to get the story.


Adler prescription bottles, plus Deborah Adler and her grandmother

Deborah Adler, inspired by her grandmother's medicine mistake, designed a more intuitive system for prescription bottles, shown at left.  (Joe Tabacca/Bloomberg via Getty Images; courtesy Deborah Adler)

Message of faith

Evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham is in Poland, where he will be addressing a crowd of thousands in Krakow on Saturday, April 13, as part of his continuing "God Loves You" tour. He stopped first at Auschwitz. Click here to get the story. 

Franklin Graham at Auschwitz

Rev. Franklin Graham, who runs the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as Samaritan's Purse, visited Auschwitz ahead of his "God Loves You" event in Krakow this weekend.  (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

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Authored by Nicole Pelletiere via FoxNews April 12th 2024