Orlando Magic star Terrence Ross' Lamborghini stolen from dealership, wrecked

Lamborghini unveils the Urus: World’s fastest SUV

Sports car maker Lamborghini is taking a second shot at the utility vehicles market with the Urus, the world’s fastest SUV. A top speed of 190 mph, carbon fiber body and turbocharged engine, the Urus is built for speed and utility.

Terrence Ross is sad about a joyride his Lamborghini went on.

The Orlando Magic star revealed on Instagram that his $200,000-plus Lamborghini Urus was stolen around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday from the dealership where he'd brought it to get a flat tire fixed.

Terrence Ross' Lamborghini Urus SUV featured a rare color combination

"Two guys broke into the dealership, smashed through a glass, went through desk, grabbed keys and go out to the lot and start seeing which key works, and the key that they stumbled upon was my key," Ross said in an Instagram post shot as he walked through the luxury showroom looking for a new car.

Ross was contacted by police early Tuesday morning with the news. They told him that officers spotted the Orange SUV, which had been reported stolen, and pursued the thieves.

"They find these dudes cruising around Winter Garden in my whip, they start the chase, dudes take off in my whip," Ross said.

"Take off in my whip. Smash it. Lose control of it and crash it into the side of a building."

Police said the crash happened when the flat tire gave way.

Police told ClickOrlando.com l that the suspects fled the scene and an investigation into the theft is ongoing.


Ross said the vehicle, which he said he got three months ago as a 30th birthday present, was "the greatest car I ever had."

It was insured, but seeing that he's in the middle of a four-year, $54 million contract with the Magic he probably wouldn't have much trouble affording a replacement.


Unfortunately, he said he was told that the particular orange and black specification he had is in strong demand and hard to find, so he might not be able to get exactly the same vehicle anytime soon.

"So now I'm back to basics, car shopping."

Gary Gastelu Fox News