NYC art 'portal' to Dublin to close temporarily following bad behavior, including nudity, mischief

People have gathered at the 'portal' in Manhattan, which livestreams 24/7 to Ireland

A visual art "portal" in New York City that livestreams continuously to connect New Yorkers with their counterparts in Dublin, Ireland, will temporarily shut down after inappropriate behavior by some troublemakers. 

The art sculpture that connects the two cities is located on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and allows people in Dublin to see what is going on in New York in real-time and vice versa. People have connected by offering greetings, messages, and other salutations, WYNW reported

"There's been a .1% interaction that includes some hateful messages, some nudity, and that ruins it for everyone," said James Mettham, president of the Flatiron Nomad Partnership, which operates the portal. "So we're working closely with the portal team and the City Council in Ireland to figure out ways to make sure we can continue to show this. The vast majority are really enjoying the fact that they can peer into the city like this."


NYC to Dublin art portal

New Yorkers watch the NYC to Dublin, Ireland, art portal that livestreams in real time. The installations have connected residents in each city, but have also led to some inappropriate behavior.   (WNYW)

Amid some bad behavior, the Dublin City Council announced changes to how the installation would operate.

"While we cannot control all of these actions, we are implementing some technical solutions to address this," a council statement said.

"We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days with our partners in New York to ensure that portals continue to deliver a positive experience for both cities and the world," the Dublin City Council added.

The council didn't specify what changes were being made. Fox News Digital has reached out to Flatiron Nomad Partnership.

Dublin art portal

People in Dublin, Ireland, are seen in an art portal that livestreams to New York City. (WNYW)

The structure was closed Sunday after an OnlyFans model flashed her breasts to the portal, The New York Post reported. 

"I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see two New York, homegrown potatoes," Ava Louise said in a video she posted on Instagram that shows her raising her tank top in front of the portal.

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Authored by Louis Casiano via FoxNews May 14th 2024