Clean these 5 things around your house regularly to keep your home smelling fresh

These household areas need a little extra love to give your entire home a clean smell

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Do you want your home to have that fresh, clean smell?

It all starts with a little scrubbing and extra washing here and there.

Once your house is sparkling clean, you can give your home a little extra fresh scent with homemade candles combined with your favorite aromas. 


You can also fill up a pot with water and seasonal fruits and spices like lemons and oranges for a delightful smell throughout your home. 

Read on to learn more about things in your home that you’ll need to clean often in order to keep your house smelling fresh and tips for cleaning.

man does laundry

In addition to your clothes, give your bedsheets a wash every couple of weeks. (iStock)

  1. Garbage and garbage disposal
  2. Carpets and furniture
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Countertops
  5. Bedding

1. Garbage and garbage disposal

If you don’t take out your garbage regularly, your house is going to develop a stinky smell, but you also should clean out the actual garbage can regularly, too. 

You don’t have to do this every trash day — but every month or so, scrub down the bin. This will ensure that you clean off any stains or spills that could create a stench. 

Another garbage-related spot to clean is your garbage disposal. Cleaning your garbage disposal is very easy. All you need is baking soda and vinegar to give it a nice cleaning. 

For the smell, cut a lemon and run that through the disposal for a fresh scent. 

woman juicing lemons

A lemon can help give your garbage disposal a nice, clean scent. (iStock)

Also, don't let dishes pile up in the sink for too long. 

Try to get in the routine of washing as soon as you can, to avoid smelly build-up. 

2. Carpets and furniture

Carpets and furniture are bound to experience spills, dirt and grime. 

To keep carpets smelling fresh, a little sprinkle of baking soda can go a long way. For extra scent, combine the baking soda with a few drops of essential oils and sprinkle around your rug.


Let it sit, preferably overnight, before vacuuming it up. 

You can also sprinkle baking soda right onto your furniture in order to remove odor. Vacuum it up after letting it sit, with an attachment safe for your furniture, of course. 

For extra fragrance, mix water with essential oils in a spray bottle and spritz over the furniture. Start with a small area before spraying everywhere, in case the mixture leaves a stain behind. 

3. Refrigerator

Refrigerators can get gross fast if not regularly cleaned.

Old food can quickly become smelly, and hidden spills can make for hidden odors. 

The first step to a fresh smelling fridge is keeping it organized. Divide your fridge into sections, so items are easy to find and strategically separated. 

clean refrigerator

Every few months, give your fridge a deep cleaning by emptying everything out and giving it a scrub. (iStock)

If you find yourself throwing away certain items often because they expire before you finish them, make note of that, and try to buy them in smaller quantities. That way, old food isn’t being wasted and sitting in your refrigerator longer than it should. 


As far as actually cleaning your refrigerator goes, consider doing this every few months. When you clean your refrigerator, take all the food out and the drawers. You can let the drawers soak in warm, soapy water while you scrub down the inside of your fridge. 

If you don’t have any stains, a cloth with warm water and a little bit of dish soap will clean the inside of your fridge. 

If you do have pesky stains, baking soda mixed with vinegar can help to remove them.

4. Countertops

Every time you use your countertop to cook, give it a quick wipe.

Whether it's accumulated dust, crumbs leftover from cooking or consuming meals or just fingerprints, a good wipe of the counters can't hurt.

For a quick cleaning, soap and water will get the job done.

Then, you can light a candle and place it on top of your counter for a nice fragrance throughout the house.

Cleaning the counters

It's good practice to wipe down your countertops on a daily basis, since they are used often. (iStock)

5. Bedding 

Every couple of weeks, it’s time to remove the sheets from your bed and run them through the wash.

Often, a person does not wash their hair on a daily basis. 

Because of this, a stinky scent from buildup of grease and product in your hair can transfer over to your pillow cases and even your pillows.

It's important to not only wash your bedding often, but to also replace bed items that are no longer looking clean. You can toss bed pillows in the washing machine, just check the tags first to ensure they are washing-machine safe.

Washing your bedding often is not only sanitary, but will keep your room smelling clean. 

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Ashlyn Messier is a writer for Fox News Digital. 

Authored by Ashlyn Messier via FoxNews April 19th 2024