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lifestyle weekend split boat mural baby names and pigeon parachute

This week's top Lifestyle stories include tasty recipes, an eyebrow-raising trend regarding the top baby names seen in the U.S., stories about wild nature, odd news and more. Soak up these articles as you start the weekend. (@hanifwondir/Instagram; iStock; SWNS)

Odd & viral

The Social Security Administration has released the top baby girl and baby boy names in the U.S. — with Liam and Olivia topping the list yet again. A baby name consultant weighed in on what's at work. Click here to get the story.

A California man told Fox News Digital that he had a boat mural painted onto his fence after city officials demanded he build a barrier for his boat. The optical illusion art is now attracting attention online. Click here to get the story.

A pigeon parachute used to carry messages during World War II and D-Day was found in an old shoebox. The unique item is reportedly at least 80 years old. Click here to get the story.

An Instacart driver in Georgia took to TikTok after failing to deliver wings to a state prison. The request on the app said the delivery was for a "death row inmate feast." Click here to get the story.

Wing platter and Instacart driver

An Instacart delivery driver has garnered attention on TikTok after she claimed she tried to deliver a meal to a Georgia prison, only to be turned away by a correctional officer. (Chrishalea Farley)

Food & fun facts

Is butter or margarine better for you? Here is what you should know about both spreads' health and nutrition facts — and if you should reach for one food over the other. Click here to get the story.

You can enjoy Taco Bell in moderation, even if you're watching your waistline. Dietitians revealed how to get the most nutrition out of fast food if you're looking to "live mas." Click here to get the story.

Summer is near and chicken wings are calling. Try this savory, melt-in-your-mouth recipe from a Lexington, Kentucky chef this barbecue season. Click here to get the story.

Grill and wings

These delicious chicken wings smothered in a flavorful rub are perfect to make this month and well beyond. Enjoy them with family and friends. (iStock/Anne H. Evans)

Wins & work-from-home news

A North Carolina resident won an ultimate jackpot money prize in an instant win game. The woman said she originally thought the game was in "demo mode" and feels "blessed." Click here to get the story. 

The top U.S. states to work from home were ranked by WalletHub based on internet access, cybersecurity, price of electricity, housing square footage and more. Here are the standout states — with some surprises. Click here to get the story. 

Beach and mountain

WalletHub announced the list of the top states to work remotely in 2024. Is your home state on the list? (iStock)

The great outdoors

A fisherman recently alerted Colorado authorities to gigantic, invasive fish in a local pond, which led to a massive crackdown on the creatures. Click here to get the story. 

Two Georgia anglers recently set or tied state fishing records for their impressive catches. The records were recently recognized by officials with the Department of Natural Resources. Click here to get the story. 

split between a man holding a large fish and a a woman holding a large fish

Jason Rich, left, and Molly Strickland, far right, both of Georgia, recently set or tied state records for saltwater fish. (Georgia Department of Natural Resources)

Gifts for the dad in your life

With Father's Day coming up quickly already, here's a roundup of great gift ideas for the gourmet father in the family. Click here to get the story. 

Amazing American tales

The new book "Sealed With a Kiss" by Massachusetts author Paula Bernice Roberts is based on 350 love letters her father wrote to her mother amid his World War II Army service. Click here to get the story.

Otto Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa, created the invention by which all others are judged — sliced bread — in 1928. His innovation quickly changed consumer culture. Click here to get the story.

Sliced bread inventor Otto Rohwedder

Sliced bread was introduced in 1928 by a bakery in Chillicothe, Misssouri. Otto Rohwedder of Iowa invented the machine that made it possible to slice and package fresh bread. (Charity Trotter, Clicks By Charity Photography and Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo)

Very viral videos

The Oakland Zoo installed a pulley system to allow giraffes to eat at a more natural height. The tool was purchased through a donor-matching challenge at the California zoo. See it in action! Click here to see the video.

Hannah Winkler attempted to tell her brother that she was pregnant, and that he was going to be an uncle. Zack mistook the onesie, containing a Cleveland Browns logo, as clothing for the family cat. See his funny reaction! Click here to see the video.

Pets are family

A drug used to treat feline infectious peritonitis will be available in the United States as of June 1, in a move cat advocates and cat lovers say is a "cause for celebration." Click here to get the story.

Shrimp, a paralyzed 3-year-old cat with soft fur and a love for cuddling and lounging, is up for adoption in central Texas. Her rescue team is hoping she finds her forever home. Click here to get the story.

split image of cat in a cat cave and the same cat using a pink cat wheelchair

Shrimp, a 3-year-old cat in Texas, was paralyzed after a fall in Dec. 2022. The rescue group currently caring for her is hoping she'll find a new home. (Wonky Whiskers Rescue)

Faith & traditional values

Lara Trump and Kevin Sorbo tout traditional values with children's story hours in Florida this weekend, reading from their new children's titles published by Brave Books. Click here to get the story.

A statue honoring the Rev. Billy Graham was unveiled on Thursday, May 16, at the U.S. Capitol. Click here to get the story.

Billy Graham statue

A statue of Rev. Billy Graham was unveiled at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, May 16, 2024. (Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

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