Trump: My Music Modernization Act Made Taylor Swift ‘So Much Money,’ Unthinkable She Could Endorse Biden Who ‘Didn’t Do Anything For’ Her

SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA - SEPTEMBER 25: Former President Donald Trump smiles at the cr
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Is former President Donald Trump making a play for a Taylor Swift endorsement?

Donald Trump called out Taylor Swift on Sunday in a Truth Social post, saying the Music Modernization Act that he signed into law in 2018 made the pop star “so much money” that is “unthinkable” she would endorse “Crooked Joe Biden,” who “didn’t do anything” for her, and “never will.”

Trump even said he was a fan of Swift’s boyfriend — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, “even though he may be a liberal, and probably can’t stand me!”

On Sunday, Trump posted his message seemingly aimed at Swift.

Then-President Donald Trump signed the MMA into law in 2018. The bill is designed to ensure artists are properly compensated for their music when it is played or consumed online.

Taylor Swift has yet to endorse a candidate in the 2024 presidential race. Four years ago, the 34-year-old singer threw her support behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It remains unclear if she will do so again, given how deeply unpopular Biden is, with a recent poll showing the octogenarian holds the worst net approval rating in presidential history at this time in office.

Under Biden, Americans are being pummeled by record prices for essential goods, with food and energy prices still going through the roof. Biden has also allowed millions of illegal aliens to pour into the country, creating unprecedented financial catastrophes for multiple states and cities that must absorb the record influx.

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Authored by David Ng via Breitbart February 11th 2024