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Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun: Maverick' movie trailer drops: 4 things to know about the sequel

Tom Cruise: What to know

Here are some facts you may not know about actor Tom Cruise.

Heads up, “Top Gun” fans: Tom Cruise is reprising his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in “Top Gun: Maverick,” which will soar into theaters in 2020.

Here’s what to know ahead of the film also featuring Ed Harris, Jon Hamm and Glen Powell, among others.


“Never-before-seen” technology with “mind-blowing” aerial footage

Speaking to Collider in May, actor Jon Hamm – who will be a part of the upcoming film as a Navy officer, per Screen Rant – revealed director Joseph Kosinski is using “never-before-seen” technology in the second film.

“They’re using some technology on this that is never before seen. We’re shooting the movie in, I think, 6K. So it’s incredibly hi-def. The aerial footage is mind-blowing,” Hamm told the outlet. “And it’s mostly practical. There’s not a lot of CG. Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs.”

“I think it’s gonna be, for the people who love the first movie I think it’s gonna’ be very interesting to watch. It very much takes the story in a different direction. But I think for the new fans it’s gonna be something very cool, too. I’ve seen some of the footage, it is out of this world,” the actor added, in part.

Miles Teller to play "Goose’s" son

Actor Miles Teller is slated to play the son of Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards) in the upcoming film.

After Goose — Maverick’s best friend — tragically dies in the 1986 film, he leaves behind a son. The "Top Gun" sequel will star newcomer Teller, who is set to play Goose’s now-grown son.

Teller snagged the role from actors Glen Powell and Nicholas Hoult, who also auditioned, per USA Today.

Female pilots

Unlike the original, “Top Gun 2” will feature a female pilot — played by Actress Monica Barbaro, specifically, according to USA Today. Barbaro’s character will also play Teller’s character’s love interest.


Maverick’s new love interest?

Jennifer Connelly is slated to play Maverick’s new love interest, per Screen Rant. Her character will reportedly own a local bar in the film.

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