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'Star Wars' fans share divided reactions to 'The Last Jedi'


'The Last Jedi' roars into theaters

Latest installment of the blockbuster 'Star Wars' franchise leads this week's new movie releases.

Director Rian Johnson's second installment in the third "Star Wars" trilogy made box office history over the weekend. The highly anticipated film debuted in North America theaters with a $220 million at the box office, making the "The Last Jedi" the second-best "Star Wars" franchise opening under 2015's, "The Force Awakens."

In addition to the film's box office success, the film was well-received by critics and earned a "fresh" score of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But despite the critical acclaim and the box office domination, viewers and fans of the "Star Wars" franchise took to Twitter to share their divided opinions about the film.

Many fans who did not enjoy the film complained about everything from the movie just not feeling like a true "Star Wars" film to being annoyed by Luke's overall character.

Only people who don't know Star Wars think The Last Jedi was a good movie

— Lemon (@Thinkablelemon7) December 16, 2017

The last Jedi was quite simply insulting to every Star Wars movie before it.

— Carson Juhl (@carson_juhl) December 15, 2017

Problem with Last Jedi is how they misused Luke. They made him weak, scared and that was Disney's doing. I don't fault Mark for that. Smoke should have lived & Luke too. Then Luke at the very end tells him, "I'm coming for you."

— Travis (@itsTravisW) December 16, 2017

#LastJedi the closing minutes of Rogue One with Vader in the hallway is a million times better than this entire movie.

— Will Hickey (@AmIWilliam) December 15, 2017

My feelings after

— SpicySpidy-Ren (@pmkXOXO) December 15, 2017

#LastJedi Help us, George Lucas. You're our only hope.

— Will Hickey (@AmIWilliam) December 15, 2017

But fans who did enjoy the film praised the movie's acting and enjoyed analyzing some of the deeper meanings and life lessons they acquired after viewing.

Okay, some not spoiler thoughts about #LastJedi after my second viewing:

- Love it.
- Rey is awesome.
- Kylo Ren is super compelling and one of the best characters in the new storyline.
- Luke. Dude.
- Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, and Mark Hamill are phenomenal

— Evan Swans a’Swimming (@EvanRSpencer) December 16, 2017

#StarWars was a beautiful movie! The wide shots of space battles scenes and the scenes of the fighters “skating” on the red planet definitely tie for EPICNESS

— BraimahBL (@Brymuh) December 16, 2017

The biggest most obvious point in The Last Jedi is the lesson of letting go of the past and moving forward. A lot of folks who didn’t like the movie probably can’t let go of the old series.

— BraimahBL (@Brymuh) December 16, 2017

According to Disney, "The Last Jedi" brought in a total of $230 million in international ticket sales and a overall three-day global haul of $450 million.

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