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Polish PM says Netflix World War II documentary showed 'hugely inaccurate' map: A 'terrible mistake'

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Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph not worried about company's future as other media giants debut own platforms.

Poland's top leader has lashed out against Netflix over a World War II documentary that features what he claimed was a "hugely inaccurate" map that portrayed his country in a negative light.

In a letter sent to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on Sunday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused the streaming service of "obfuscating historical facts" in the new documentary series "The Devil Next Door," which included a map of concentration camps. However, Morawiecki alleged there were numerous errors within the visual.

"It has come to my attention that a recently released documentary series 'The Devil Next Door' involves a map that falsely places several German concentration camps within modern-day Poland's borders," Morawiecki wrote. "There is no comment or any explanation whatsoever that these sites were German-operated."

He continued, "Not only is the map incorrect, but it deceives viewers into believing Poland was responsible for establishing and maintaining these camps, and for committing the crimes therein. As my country did not even exist at the time as an independent state, and millions of Poles were murdered at these sites, this element of 'The Devil Next Door' is nothing short of rewriting history."


The prime minister went on to express the "terrible mistake" was "committed unintentionally" and said he hoped the streaming platform would either modify the series or inform viewers about the apparent error.

Included in his letter was what he called an "accurate map" of German-controlled territory in Europe in late 1942 as well as a report written by a member of the Polish resistance.


"Today, we still owe this truth to the victims of World War II," Morawiecki concluded.

A Netflix spokesperson told Fox News: "We are aware of the concerns regarding 'The Devil Next Door' and are urgently looking into the matter."

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