Nolte: David Cronenberg Blames ‘Political Correctness’ for Sexless Movies

nolte david cronenberg blames political correctness for sexless movies
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

In an interview with the far-left Daily Beast, director David Cronenberg blamed political correctness for the lack of sex scenes in modern movies.

“Given that there’s so little adult sex in contemporary mainstream North American cinema,” the Daily Beast asked, “has it become more difficult to make an intensely eroticized film like Crimes of the Future?”

“Of course, I’m aware of how things have cycled, because I feel like I’ve been here before with political correctness, and now it’s something else,” Cronenberg replied. “But it really is the same thing, which amounts to people trying to censor what other people say and think and do. It seems to be a common thing with us human beings that we do that periodically. I have to ignore it.”

Crimes of the Future is the latest from the 79-year-old director of The Fly (1986), Scanners (1981), Dead Ringers (1988), Eastern Promises (2007), The Brood (1979), and The Dead Zone (1983), among others.

Cronenberg is primarily known as a creator of “body horror,” where we witness terrible things happen to a person’s body. The Fly is a pretty extraordinary example of that and one of the best remakes ever made.

Keep in mind that it is not just sex missing from movies. It is also sexiness. Now that the humorless puritan harpies in the Woke Gestapo are in charge, any attempt at sexiness is attacked as something akin to rape. Oh, that awful male gaze. Oh, that awful objectification.

I haven’t seen Crimes of the Future, but if the past is prologue, whatever sex might be in will not violate the Woke Production Code prohibiting sexiness. Sex that degrades and disgusts is fine with the Woke Gestapo. Ugliness is the new beauty — the more disgusting, the better.

I’m not criticizing Cronenberg. He is what he is, a terrific and original filmmaker. But it’s not his style that’s verboten. What’s verboten is beauty, erotica, titillation, wish-fulfillment, the forbidden joys of T&A — you know, those things that make life worth living. That has never been Cronenberg’s style.

The same oh-so “progressive” Hollywood that has spent decades ridiculing the Eisenhower 1950s as stuffy and puritan is now a hundred times more stuffy and puritan. The awful fifties gave us Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, and the bullet bra. The Woke 2020s are like living in a convent. Never in the history of movies has sexiness been censored and outlawed. It’s disgraceful and a violation of human nature.

Anyway, as someone who is pro-objectification and T&A, let’s hope this era of Woke McCarthyism ends soon.

The seventies and eighties really were awesome, and I have the Blurays to prove it.

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Authored by John Nolte via Breitbart June 6th 2022