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Nick Cordero's wife says she doesn't know if he will 'ever be able to work again'

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Nick Cordero's wife shared a somber update about his health as he remains in the ICU battling complications related to the coronavirus.

Amanda Kloots took to her Instagram Story on Friday to communicate a message to fans about her fitness business after she apparently received some negative feedback. In the recorded message, Kloots defended her work as a female entrepreneur while also highlighting that Cordero, a Broadway star, has been in the ICU for 91 days and counting.

"We don't know if he will make it. I pray every single day of my life that he does. But if he does make it, I don't know when he'll be able to work again, if he'll ever be able to work again," Kloots said.


Kloots went on to draw attention to her namesake fitness business, which involves "high energy" classes, according to its Instagram account. The business offers workouts and tips involving a combination of using ropes and dancing.

Without detailing what specifically led her to post a video in defense of her company, Kloots made it clear she was not going to accept negative criticism for continuing to do what she loves during such an "uncertain" time in her life.

"I've had this business for four years. I love my fitness business. I built it from the ground up. I've created products that I believe in, that I created with my own mind and my own hands and I'm proud of them," Kloots said.


She added: "I love running a company. I love being a female entrepreneur. I support female entrepreneurs. I've worked every single day of my life. I work hard and I'm proud of that and I should never have to apologize for that. No woman should ever have to apologize for that."

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero attend the Beyond Yoga x Amanda Kloots Collaboration Launch Event on August 27, 2019 in New York City. (Noam Galai/Getty Images for Beyond Yoga)

Kloots said that, in addition to visiting Cordero, 41, at the hospital daily, she's also making sure she is working so she can pay the family's bills.

"I have no idea what Nick's hospital bills are gonna be. I haven't even tried to wrap my head around that. I have a mortgage, I have a car payment, I have a son that is one year old that I hope to send to college one day or at least give him whatever I can. So I will continue to work. I will continue to create and I will continue to share that with people and I hope and pray that you support me in that," she said.

Kloots concluded that she "always, always" supports entrepreneurs, especially female business owners, and hopes to receive the same kindness in return.


The supportive wife's video comes on the heels of an update she provided on Cordero earlier in the week. She revealed that he will likely need a double lung transplant in order to recover from coronavirus complications.

Cordero's fight has consisted of a leg amputation and multiple mini-strokes while battling several other maladies.

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