Model Kristen Gaffney Leaving California After L.A. Mayor Asks Rich to Pay for Homeless Housing


Model Kristen Gaffney says she is leaving California for Tennessee after Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass asked the wealthy to pay for housing for the homeless in the city.

As Breitbart News reported, Bass asked wealthy residents of L.A. to pitch in to buy permanent housing for the homeless as part of a new plan, LA4LA.

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Breitbart News noted:

In early 2023, Bass set a goal of moving 17,000 homeless people off the streets of the city in her first year in office. And, in fact, 21,000 people have been moved into temporary shelters — often into hotel and motel rooms.

But despite some initial successes, the homeless population continued to grow, rising 9% in the city and 10% in the county as of last year’s homeless count. And homeless encampments have returned — often to the very places from which they were removed.

There have already been many efforts to tax L.A. residents to pay for homeless housing and services, including a sales tax hike and a new tax on sales of homes worth more than $5 million.

Gaffney told Fox News that she had had enough:

“I quite frankly feel a little bit taken advantage of when I, too, have had to struggle and to create my own opportunities through hard work and education,” Kristen Louelle Gaffney, Sports Illustrated model and resident of San Diego told Fox News Digital over the phone. “Why should somebody have a piece of my hard work?”

“I came from nothing,” she said. “I think the most my parents did financially for me was pay for a tank of gas and maybe some groceries here and there in college.”

“You’ve taken enough from us, and you’re only showing me that it’s getting worse,” Gaffney said of homelessness. She credits her frustration to both President Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom and their policies.

The UK Daily Mail noted that Gaffney is married to former NFL running back Tyler Gaffney.

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Authored by Joel B. Pollak via Breitbart April 19th 2024