Mama June reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

Mama June and her family were first introduced to the world when daughter Alana, aka Honey Boo Boo, appeared on 'Toddlers and Tiaras'

June Shannon, also known as Mama June, and her family skyrocketed to fame after they appeared in an unforgettable episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras," but now one of her four daughters is making news for more upsetting reasons.

Shannon's oldest daughter, Anna Cardwell — known on the family's first reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" as "Chickadee" — is battling cancer, and as Shannon revealed in a new update on her prognosis, doctors have told Cardwell that the disease will eventually kill her.

"We know it's terminal," Shannon, along with two youngest daughters, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Lauryn "Pumpkin" Efird, told "Entertainment Tonight."


mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

June Shannon, along with daughters Lauryn Efird and Alana Thompson, is opening up about the health of oldest daughter Anna Cardwell after her cancer diagnosis. (Raymond Hall/GC Images | June Shannon/TikTok)

She added, "She's stage 4. She's not gonna go into remission. We've all accepted that, so I just tell people one day at a time 'cause you never know."

Efird was more hopeful, saying, "Honestly, who's not to say a year from now they'll have a cure? The medical field is growing every single day. There's always something.

"Think about how quick they came out with a COVID vaccine and things like that. I truly believe eventually there will be a cure for some kind of cancer."

mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

Anna Cardwell took this selfie before she began chemotherapy. (Anna Cardwell/Instagram)

Thompson said, "It is crazy to think that she will not be here probably in five years, but I'm hoping that she can pull through and fight 10, 20 years."

Despite the grim prognosis, Shannon announced that Cardwell is "handling it pretty good," with Efird agreeing, saying that her older sister "genuinely is OK."


She elaborated, explaining, "She can still go to the grocery store, she can drive herself, she's still able to take the kids to and from places."

mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

Alana Thompson is just as comfortable sharing her life now as she was on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." (Getty Images)

She also said that Cardwell "doesn't have hair, she has no eyebrows, she doesn't have any hair on her arms or anything like that."

Cardwell hasn't been experiencing intense symptoms from the chemotherapy she's been undergoing, although Thompson admitted, "It does wear her body down sometimes."

Cardwell is Shannon's first child, and the two had been estranged for some time after a string of questionable and dangerous behaviors on Shannon's part — she infamously began dating a man that had gone to prison for molesting Cardwell when she was a child, which led to the cancellation of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," and later Shannon began experimenting heavily with drugs. 

mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

June Shannon is taking the time to share an update on her oldest daughter's health. (Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for WE tv)

Shannon's second child, Jessica Shannon, stays out of the spotlight, but her youngest daughters, Efird and Thompson, appeared on their mother's latest shows, "Mama June: From Not to Hot" and "Mama June: Family Crisis."


The family crisis mentioned in the title refers to Shannon's issues with Efird and Thompson — the former took custody of the latter while Shannon was in the throes of addiction.

They all seem to be on good enough terms now — enough that Shannon is on speaking terms with Cardwell's children.

mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

June Shannon appeared with Alana Thompson in the early days of the public obsession with Honey Boo Boo. (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra)

According to Shannon, Cardwell's oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, 10, understands what's going on with her mother's illness.

"Kaitlyn was always close with Anna, but now she doesn't go anywhere without Anna," she explained. "I get that because she's thinking if Anna goes somewhere then maybe Anna might not be at the house when she gets back."

Efird agreed, saying, "The 10-year-old is aware, I don't think she fully understands. I think she understands that Mommy is sick and Mommy might not be here for a while... She's 10, but she's a lot more mature than that because she's been raised around older people."

mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

Lauryn Efird obtained custody of younger sister Alana while mother June Shannon struggled with drug addiction. (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for WEtv)

The younger daughter, Kylee, is only 7, and Shannon said "she just knows Mama's sick."


As for Cardwell's next steps, the family revealed that she's done with chemotherapy and now her other options are clinical trials to try a new treatment for the disease or immune therapy.

At this time, she's undecided whether she'll continue pursuing treatment or allow the disease to take its natural course.

mama june reveals daughter is suffering from terminal cancer

Anna Cardwell is through with receiving chemotherapy. (Anna Cardwell/Instagram | Desiree Navarro/Getty Images)

"She just wants to see how it's gonna go," Shannon said. "We don't know what to expect because the cancer is very aggressive and it grew from nothing to something huge on the left side of her body really fast."

She added that right now, they're waiting to see "what is going to happen next now when the chemo starts to come out of her body," but all they can do is take things "one day at a time."

Emily Trainham is an entertainment editor for Fox News Digital.

Authored by Emily Trainham via FoxNews July 13th 2023