'Jeopardy!'s' Ken Jennings hopes Taylor Swift joins Emma Stone if actress is chosen to compete on game show

'Anti-Hero' singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is in Australia performing on her Eras Tour

Could Taylor Swift make an appearance on "Jeopardy!"?

During a recent interview with USA Today, "Jeopardy!" host Ken Jennings said it "would be exciting" to get Swift in the audience, or even as a contestant on the game show.

"Is Emma Stone in Taylor's squad? Could we get Taylor to a game if Emma got on the show? It seemed that Emma implied she's keeping a low profile when she tries out, so maybe she's going to get on ‘Jeopardy!’ in disguise," he joked. "Maybe we've already seen her and didn't recognize her. We're very excited to have her keep trying out."

The Academy Award-winning actress and the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter have been friends since they first met in 2008 at the Young Hollywood Awards. 

Ken Jennings with insets of Emma Stone and Taylor Swift

"Jeopardy!" host Ken Jennings said it would be great to have Taylor Swift, right, in the audience if Emma Stone, left, competes on the show. (Getty Images)


Swift recently supported Stone on the red carpet at the premiere of her latest movie, "Poor Things," and was there to cheer her on when she won the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy. Stone also supported Swift on her Eras Tour when she performed at a stop in Glendale, Arizona, last year.

"I was lucky ’cause we’ve been friends for a really long time," Stone told Vanity Fair in June about getting tickets to the show. "I’ve known her since we were 17 and 18, so she hooked me up, which was very nice ’cause I know those tickets are impossible to get."

The actress recently made waves when she revealed she's been trying out to be a contestant on the show for years, saying she applies every June and never hears anything back.

The application process for the show is lengthy, requiring contestants to take two online quizzes and go through an interview stage.

Taylor Swift and Emma Stone together in 2008

Stone and Swift first met in 2008 at the Young Hollywood Awards. (Jeff Vespa/WireImage)


"You can only take the test once a year with your email address, and I’ve never gotten on the show. I watch it every single night and I mark down how many answers I get right. I swear, I could go on ‘Jeopardy,'" Stone told the "Variety Awards Circuit" podcast in January. "They just say, ‘We’ll let you know in the next nine to 12 months if you got on the show.’ And guess what, I haven’t gotten on the show."

"Jeopardy!" has been undergoing some changes recently, with one of its co-hosts, Mayim Bialik, announcing in December that she was not asked to return to the show.

During the "Unscripted Storytellers" panel at the 2024 Television Critics Association's winter press tour, Michael Davies, a showrunner on "Jeopardy!," shared that he felt "forced into" the co-hosting situation, but after two seasons, decided to let Bialik go in order to achieve more "consistency."

"I think he was right. He talked about how ‘Jeopardy!’ is a symbol of consistency and reliability for a lot of our viewers. It's part of the ritual of their day," Jennings told USA Today about Davies' comments. "They want to turn in and know what they're going to see, and not wonder, ‘oh, which host do I see tonight?’ And I do understand that."


Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik on set

Jennings was caught off guard when it was announced co-host Mayim Bialik would not be returning to the show. (FOX via Getty Images)

Jennings went on to say that he loved Bialik as a host, noting she seemed "very confident on stage in a way that [he] was not at first" and that he "learned a lot from watching her."

Jennings previously told The Hollywood Reporter that Bialik's announcement caught him "off guard" and that he would miss working with her.

Lori Bashian is an entertainment production assistant for Fox News Digital. 

Authored by Lori Bashian via FoxNews February 23rd 2024