Drew Barrymore would ‘love to support’ daughters in acting, but not until they’re older: ‘North of 14,15’

The talk show host shares Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9, with ex Will Kopelman

‘90210’ star Jennie Garth says she ‘definitely would not’ allow her daughters to pursue acting when they were young

Jennie Garth told Fox News Digital she would support her daughters if they wanted to pursue acting now that they're older, but not as younger children.

Drew Barrymore doesn’t want her daughters following in her famous footsteps – just yet.

In a new interview with People, Barrymore explained that while her kids are interested in performing, she doesn’t want them seeking the spotlight.

"My kids ask me all the time — they would love to be in film or on social media or sing or whatever. I always just say, ‘School plays, theater camp, everything [yes],’" Barrymore told the outlet.

She continued, "But being in the public eye, [no] until…’ And then they say, ‘Well, what's the number?’ And I always say, ‘I know you want an answer, and I know the fact that I can't give you one that's so specific isn't satisfying, but it's going to be a feeling. It's going to be when I think you're ready."


Drew Barrymore on a red background

Drew Barrymore told People her daughters often ask when they can be in movies or on social media, but she tells them: "It's going to be when I think you're ready." (John Lamparski/Getty Images for Advertising Week New York)

Barrymore shares two daughters, Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9, with ex-husband Will Kopelman.

"As a parent, I would really love to support my kids when they're older," the talk show host said. "Again, what number is that? I don't know, but it's not 13 and it's probably not 14. It's up there, but your kid will present themselves in a way where you've got to listen to them and support them and trust them. And I don't know what number that is, but it's probably north of 14, 15."

Drew Barrymore with her two daughters

Barrymore, with daughters Olive and Frankie, in 2014. (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Baby2Baby)

The 49-year-old is the offspring of the famous Barrymore acting family, including her father, grandfather, great-grandparents, and great-aunt and uncle, Ethel and Lionel Barrymore. 


She got her start in entertainment at 11 months old, appearing in a commercial and became a breakout star in "E.T." at the age of seven.

Barrymore had her share of struggles as a child star, including substance abuse problems, rehab stints, a stay in a psychiatric facility and three divorces. 

She has now been sober for five years, and despite her rocky experiences, the California-native still has an appreciation of what fame gave her. 

Drew Barrymore at the Time 100 Gala

The 49-year-old had her share of struggles growing up in Hollywood, but she's still grateful for her career, telling People, "It has given me every opportunity under the sun and I couldn't appreciate my life more." (Photo by Nina Westervelt/Variety via Getty Images)


"When I first had kids, I remember people asking me like, ‘Well, would you want your kids to go into the business?’ And it always gave me such a sad feeling, as if this business was so toxic, like, 'Ew,'" she told People. "And I just thought, that's not how I feel about this business at all. It has given me every opportunity under the sun and I couldn't appreciate my life more."

In 2022, she also told the outlet that she’d always felt drawn to a career in entertainment because of her famous family.

"Something in being a part of my dad's family has been such a cosmic, spiritual, magnetic pull. I feel so compelled to do what they do," Barrymore said.

Authored by Elizabeth Stanton via FoxNews April 14th 2024