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Colton Underwood on finding 'fulfillment' post-'Bachelor': I'm at 'an interesting point in my career'

‘Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood says he has no regrets admitting he’s a virgin, wants to stay true to himself

'Bachelor' star Colton Underwood says he has no regrets admitting he’s a virgin, wants to stay true to himself. He also candidly discussed his relationship with contestant Cassie Randolph.

NEW YORK – Colton Underwood is appreciative of all the doors that the "Bachelor" franchises have opened for him, but is ready to move away from the reality TV world.

The 27-year-old former "Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise" star is eager to get moving on "quite a few projects" he has in the works for 2020.

"It's an interesting point in my career -- I started the 'Bachelor' franchise coming out of football, so I'm very excited about actually getting back to work and developing an art and developing a skill because being on reality TV you don't really get the satisfaction and the fulfillment that you do when you're playing sports, are going to school or doing something that requires sort of skill," he told Fox News on Wednesday at the Morningstar Vegenity Event in New York City.


Underwood is aware of the "no-talent stereotype" that is commonly associated with reality TV stars.

"[The stereotype] is real for me because all of a sudden I have this newfound fame or whatever you want to call it, but you don't have that fulfillment that you used to have in your sport or in your life," he revealed.

"So I'm getting into hosting and being in more of the entertainment world but doing it, in my opinion, the right way. I know the 'Bachelor' franchise has opened up a lot of doors for me. So I'm really doing things the right way and going to hosting classes and working with hosting coaches to really make sure that I'm successful."

Colton Underwood at the Morningstar Farms “Lose Your Veginity” event in New York City. (Morningstar)

One person who Underwood thinks made an amazing career transition is Michael Strahan. "I told him that when I was on 'Good Morning America,' when I first got it announced [as the bachelor], 'You used to be my idol when I was playing football and now you're my idol in this [TV] world, too.' He's an awesome guy," he said.

As for who he wants to see as the next lead on the ABC dating show, Underwood said fan-favorite and Windmill expert, Peter Weber. He's "goofy and quirky" and "has a lot of good qualities," according to Underwood.


But Underwood is also acutely aware of the intensity of the show and its many critics. "[On the show] it's such a small sliver of who we are as people and I think for me I'm lighthearted, I could have fun, I could take a joke," he recalled.

And he really took advantage of the show's mental health professional on set. "I see a therapist still two or three times a month. And I don't like people who have this stigma that something's wrong with you if you do that. I think it's very, very important," Underwood explained.


"I think it's also important [to speak to someone] when you're in situations where you're not necessarily comfortable," he continued. "A lot of times on TV shows could be [the situation]. But for me, I talked to a therapist twice a week while we were filming. It was a huge part of my season and a huge part of allowing me to really be true to myself."

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