A24 Facing Backlash over ‘Civil War’ Promotional Artwork Apparently Generated by AI


Distributor A24 is facing public backlash after it apparently used AI technology to generate promotional artwork for the movie Civil War.

The images, which A24 posted this week to its official Instagram account, depict war-torn cityscapes that aren’t in Civil War but are consistent with the movie’s set-up of a United States that has collapsed into warring factions. They include an aerial view of Las Vegas, with the Sphere reduced to burned-out rubble; a shot of Washington Square Park in New York surrounded by military vehicles; and a view of Echo Park lake in Los Angeles, with soldiers patrolling the waters.

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Among the complaints from fans is the apparent incongruity of A24 — which has built a reputation for championing auteur filmmakers and indie cinema — resorting to using AI technology to promote one of its titles.

“Fire the person who approved this garbage. It’s repulsive and insulting to your audience,” one commenter posted.

“A24 using ai for advertising might be a sign, maybe its the beginning of the end for a company that used to rely on indie aesthetics. It’s incredibly disappointing,” another wrote.

“Hire an actual artist,” another commenter wrote.

AI is quickly becoming a fact of life in the entertainment industry, stoking widespread fear as studio bosses seek to cut costs by replacing humans with algorithms. That A24 is apparently using AI suggests that even small studios and distributors are jumping on the bandwagon.

Civil War has already generated heated debate over its plot, which imagines a dystopian U.S. torn apart by warring factions. Nineteen states have seceded from the union— including something called the “Florida Alliance.” Meanwhile, a “three-term president” is trying to hold together what remains of the U.S.

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Authored by David Ng via Breitbart April 19th 2024