Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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House panel seeks answers from tech CEOs over shooting video

The head of the House Homeland Security Committee asked four technology companies to attend a closed-door briefing next week on their efforts to prevent violent videos from being disseminated in the wake of last week’s mass shooting in New Zealand.

Pentagon wants Hellfire missiles and small-diameter bombs for future war

A lesser-recognized proposed budget increase can be seen with two key munitions -- the Hellfire Missile and Small Diameter Bomb II. The Hellfire is greatly expanding it uses beyond helicopters and some of its regular applications, to include arming the Navy Littoral combat ship and the Army’s Short Range Air Defense arming Stryker vehicles with vertically-launched, counter air Hellfires.

Why the US 2020 budget massively pushes hypersonic weapons

The Air Force’s increased 2020 budget takes another step in an aggressive plan to prototype, test and deploy hypersonic weapons on an expedited schedule -- to defend against enemy attacks by fast-tracking an ability to launch high-impact, high-speed attacks at Mach.

$500M supercomputer to arrive in 2021

To maintain its lead in supercomputing, the US has budgeted over $500 million to build the first "exascale" computer in the world in 2021.

Facebook says service hindered by lack of local news

Facebook’s effort to establish a service that provides its users with local news and information is being hindered by the lack of outlets where the company’s technicians can find original reporting.

Ocasio-Cortez is Gotham's 'biggest villain' in Amazon HQ2-NY debacle

According to the just-published poll from Siena College, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is seen as New York's "biggest villain" when it comes to Amazon's decision to spurn New York and pull part of its second headquarters out of Long Island City.

YouTube struggled to remove New Zealand shooting videos. This is why

Not long after a man allegedly gunned down at least 50 worshipers inside two New Zealand mosques while wearing a body-mounted camera to record the carnage, the video quickly spread on YouTube— being taken down and then posted again —with uploaders able to work around the Google-owned video platform's AI detection tools.

Apple announces new iPads ahead of big services push

Apple unveiled new iPads on Monday, including a new 10.5-inch iPad Air and revamped iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, ahead of its big services announcement scheduled for next week.

US missile defense breakthrough: Navy ships to destroy enemy ICBMs

The Pentagon plans a “first-of-its-kind” test of an unprecedented weapons capability to intercept and destroy an enemy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile *ICBM” — from a Navy ship at sea using a Standard Missile-3 Block IIA.

How to avoid tax scams this year

As tax season rolls on, scams are picking up, hurting last-minute filers. And Microsoft is offering advice to help steer clear of them.

Apple Music launches on Amazon Fire TV

Good news for Apple Music subscribers with an Amazon Fire TV: the music streaming service and media streaming devices now play nice together.

Facebook under criminal investigation over controversial data-sharing deals

Facebook is under criminal investigation over thecontroversial data-sharing deals that it struck with dozens of other big tech companies —casting a cloud of uncertainty over the social media behemoth as it tries to crawl back from two years of scandals, controversies and apologies.

Air Force builds new deep strike 'spy network' for air attack

The Air Force is massively speeding up a new networked surveillance system intended to collect, organize and disseminate pressing attack information in extremely high-risk environments including enemy stealth fighters, advanced air defenses and armed drones.

How Google knows your ‘secret interests’

Google has been accused of spying on millions of Australians by building profiles containing “intimate lifestyle details” such as home and work addresses — plus “secret interests.

Facebook cracks down on vaccine misinformation

Facebook is taking a seriesof new steps to crack down onmisinformation about vaccines amid widespread concerns that Big Tech companies are failing to rid their platforms of this content.

Cyber warfare is still a free-for-all

(vs148/ SAN FRANCISCO—Between cyberattacks against power grids and election influence campaigns, nations are increasingly waging war through the internet with the rest of us stuck in the middle.

Abrams tank set for 'lethality' upgrade

Should a mechanized column of heavily armored Russian vehicles launch an aggressive, forward-leaning assault into Eastern Europe 10 years from now, complete with air and artillery support - - just what kinds of specific armored vehicles would best position a U.S.

Best tax software to use in 2019

There’s one good thing about tax season in 2019: Filing your taxes has never been faster or easier, especially if you do it online. Since many of us wait until the last minute to arrange all our paperwork, digital filing is a real life-saver.

Air Force fast-tracks new nuclear missiles

The Air Force is building a new generation of nuclear-armed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) using cutting edge "digital engineering" methods intended to fast-track development of the new weapons system and fire off initial prototypes as soon as next year.

Elon Musk's security clearance is under review

Elon Musk holds a secret-level clearance with the US government due to his role as founder and CEO of SpaceX, but it has been revealed that his clearance is currently under review at the Pentagon after Musk smoked marijuana last September.

Air Force fast tracks new war machines

The Air Force is implementing a new weapons strategy to fast-track a number of high-priority systems to war, including satellite sensors, hypersonic weapons, B-52 engines, nuclear missiles and combat sensors.

iPhone sales are falling, and Apple's app fees might be next

Last year, every time someone paid $11 for Netflix through an iPhone app, Apple pocketed as much as $3.30. Multiply that by every charge made through iPhone apps and you can see why Netflix and other companies are fed up about what they consider Apple’s unfair market power.

Navy's torpedo-armed Poseidon spy planes track China's nuclear submarines

The increasing global reach of Chinese nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines, armed with JL-2 weapons reportedly able to hit parts of the US, continues to inspire an ongoing Navy effort to accelerate production of attack submarines, prepare long-dwell drones for deployment to the Pacific and continue acquisition of torpedo-armed sub-hunting planes such as the P-8/A Poseidon.

Silicon Valley hit with new digital tax in France

The French government on Wednesday introduced a new levy aimed at big tech giants, adding to momentum behind more than adozen similar measures globallythat could collectively cost Silicon Valley companies billions of dollars.

Navy plans 'blue force' open water weapons strategy for new frigate

The Navy envisions a new multi-mission Guided Missile Frigate able to sense enemy targets from great distances, fire next-generation precision weaponry, utilize new networking and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) technologies, operate unmanned systems and succeed against technically advanced enemies in open or “blue” water combat, according to service statements.

Huawei to sue US over 'unconstitutional' ban, report says

(Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images) Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is reportedly planning to sue the US government for banning federal employees from using its devices, according to two people "familiar with the matter" who have spoken to The New York Times.

Pentagon approaches massive new AI, machine learning breakthrough

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is pursuing an unprecedented machine-learning “breakthrough” technology -- and pioneering a new cybersecurity method intended to thwart multiple attacks at one time and stop newer attacks less recognizable to existing defenses.

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