Sunday, January 20, 2019

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5 reasons to 'get smart' about your thermostat

From the moment you see one, a smart thermostat looks cool. The cover plate is smooth, and there’s a clear digital read-out. Unlike that grimy little hockey puck, with its analog dial and worn-out numbers, the smart thermostat feels futuristic, like something out of a science fiction movie.

Air Force adjusts attack strategies to prep for fighter jet-fired laser weapons

The U.S. Air Force is refining its combat strategy, tactics and concepts of operation to accommodate the rapid emergence of laser weapons, technologies which promise to alter the landscape of modern warfare and substantially expand the envelope of attack possibilities for fighter jets.

Feds may charge Huawei with stealing trade secrets

Federal prosecutors are getting ready to hit Huawei with criminal charges for allegedly stealing trade secrets from American companies, The Wall Street Journal reported today (Jan.

'Collection #1' breach exposes a record 773 million email addresses

Did you receive an email this morning informing you that your personal information was exposed in a data breach called Collection #1? You're not alone, and it's a reminder to take precautions like enabling two-factor authentication and signing up for a password manager.

Is Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' meme a creepy facial recognition gambit?

By now, all of your social media feeds are probably brimming with then-and-now pictures showing the "glow-up" or positive transformations of people — including celebrities, friends, family or random folks — sharing decade-old images of themselves alongside current photographs.

CES 2019: Hands-on with amazing products

The future looks bright for technology. Last week, the Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas and we went hands-on with some of the best tech.

Netflix is hiking prices again

Netflix is raising its U.S. prices by 13 percent to 18 percent, its biggest increase since the company launched its streaming service 12 years ago.

Technology brings images of Holocaust survivors to life

As the horrific events of the Holocaust move further into the past, and the remaining survivors of Nazi Germany's reign of terror die off, one group is using a unique technology to keep their memories alive and allow future generations to keep learning from the world's mistakes during World War II.

CES 2019: This is what a $7,000 toilet looks like

Despite the robots, virtual reality video games and helicopter that looked like something straight of the movie “Avatar” — Kohler still managed to capture the attention of convention goers at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada with non-other than a toilet.

The surprising list of top Netflix shows in the US by state

If you're curious whether your taste in high-priced television shows streaming on Netflix is the same as that of your neighbors, has a macro-view for you: its annual look at the "Most Popular Netflix Show in each State" for 2018.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has no prenup, $67B on the line: report

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie, would be divorcing, leaving many to wonder what would happen to the reported $137 billion fortune of the world's richest man.

New precision targeting on historic .50-cal machine gun can hit enemy drones

The Army is revving up development and delivery of advanced targeting technology for its .50-cal machine gun to increase precision, widen the mission envelope and destroy challenging targets such as enemy drones, low-flying aircraft, light-skinned armored vehicles and troop concentrations.

Remember virtual reality? Its buzz has faded at CES 2019

NEW YORK (AP) — Just a few years ago, virtual reality was poised to take over the world. After decades of near misses, the revolution finally seemed imminent, with slick consumer headsets about to hit the market and industries from gaming and entertainment to social media ready to hop on the bandwagon.

Dog teaches herself to skateboard, video goes viral

A 14-month-old bulldog named Pumpkin has become an internet sensation after her owner posted videos and pictures of her riding around on a skateboard to social media.

CES 2019: 7 technologies that will leave you a little speechless

Every year, visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are treated to a few jaw-dropping gadgets. This year is no different, including a new toothbrush that takes ten seconds to use and a television that rolls up from a cabinet in your living room.

Air Force sets sights on 6th-generation fighter jet prototypes

Drone fighter jets, hypersonic attack planes, artificial intelligence, lasers, electronic warfare and sensors woven into the fuselage of an aircraft - are all areas of current technological exploration for the Air Force as it begins early prototyping for a new, 6th-Generation fighter jet to emerge in the 2030s and 2040s.

Earthquake early warning app now available in Los Angeles

Before the ground shakes beneath their feet, residents in the nation's second-largest city are now able to brace seconds after officials launched the nation's firstearthquake early warning app on Thursday.

We must fight the invasion of the killer robots

“Killer robots” are taking over. Also known as autonomous weapons, these devices, once activated, can destroy targets without human intervention.

Judge blocks Airbnb crackdown in New York City

A federal judge blocked a New York City law intended to curb Airbnb Inc., giving a boost to the company and others that offer short-term rentals in the city.

German IT security chief faces grilling over hacking case

Germany's top IT security official faces a grilling Monday over his agency's handling of an alleged hacking case that saw hundreds of politicians' and celebrities' private information postedonline.

13 Alexa skills that you’ll use time and time again

At last, you’ve found yourself with an Amazon Echo speaker. The Echo (or Echo Dot, or Echo Tap, or Echo Show, or Echo Plus, or Echo Spot) is now in your kitchen, and it’s ready for your every command.

Huawei employees punished for tweeting from an iPhone

When you work for the digital marketing team of a smartphone manufacturer, the last thing you should be doing is using a rival's hardware to post messages on behalf of the company.

Army considers German-built future armored combat vehicles

The U.S. Army is vigorously pursuing a new combat vehicle able to launch attack drones, carry longer-range TOW missiles, fire a 50mm cannon and operate “optionally-manned” technology, according to initial requirements outlined by service weapons developers.

Russian test places US hypersonic weapons in the spotlight

The Russian hypersonic weapons test is shining light upon an aggressive U.S. plan to prototype, test and deploy hypersonic weapons on an expedited schedule -- to defend against enemy attacks by fast-tracking an ability to launch high-impact, high-speed attacks at Mach.

Tech that will change your life in 2019

There aren’t many ways 2018 could have gone worse for the tech industry. It felt like every week,Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and friends were apologizingfor some major privacy blunder or platform manipulation.Self-driving cars proved they weren’t readyto hit the road and Elon Musk nearlyself-destructed on Twitter.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg blasted for ‘out of touch’ year-end post after scandal-plagued 2018

After a year plagued by privacy scandals, hate speech controversies, the viral spread of disinformation and the public airing of his company's internal communication, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used his year-end note to focus on the positiveー drawing the scorn of critics who blasted the billionaire as "tone deaf" and "out of touch.

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