Monday, November 19, 2018

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Fire ant colonies could inspire robot swarms

Aside from the stings and ruined picnics, fire ants are famous for their ability to swarm together and self­–assemble bridges, ladders, and even floating rafts. Researchers have now figured out the statistical rules that govern how fire ants form these structures, and the new study could help scientists build swarming, tiny shape-shifting robots.

Facebook will create independent oversight committee to deal with content issues

Following a scathing report from The New York Times that called into question what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg knew about the Russian disinformation campaign and when,Zuckerberg said the social networking giant would create an independent oversight committee to help deal with moderating certain issues related to content posted on its site.

Fox on Tech: Using lasers to find aliens

Calling all aliens!The search for extraterrestrial life is alive and well, and this week, two scientists from MIT breathed new life into the effort with an out-of-this-world idea for contacting non-earthlings.

Facebook morale takes a tumble along with stock price

FacebookInc.’s difficult year is taking a toll on employee morale, with several key measures of internal sentiment taking a sharp turn for the worse over the past year, according to people familiar with the matter and messages reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

WhatsApp rumor leads to two murders

A mob dragged two men out of police station, savagely beat them and then set them on fire after a false rumor was spread on WhatsApp about them being child kidnappers.

Air Force fast-tracks new deep strike bunker buster bomb

The Air Force is taking the next steps to test, develop and produce a new class of “more penetrating” bunker buster weapons to enable aircraft to destroy a new level of fortified underground targets.

Army evaluates new intel technology for the 'tactical edge of combat'

The Army is evaluating a series of emerging intelligence analysis technologies intended to integrate and organize a range of input sources to include drone videos, satellite imagery, enemy movement information, terrain data and crucial elements of battle planning.

Amazon Echo may have captured audio of murder

An Amazon Echo may have captured audio of a cold-blooded killing in New Hampshire, and prosecutors have won the rights to the recordings, a judge ruled Friday.

5 critical settings so hackers can’t access your bank accounts

You need to assume that your password isn’t strong enough. You might as well believe that someone, somewhere, is working around the clock to break into your accounts and steal your money, your identity, and anything else you have.

Walmart tips Black Friday iPhone, TV deals

Heads up, deal hunters: Walmart just announced its plans for what it calls the biggest and best shopping day of the year: Black Friday.

AT&T prepares to disconnect over a dozen pirates

How much piracy does it take to have your internet connection terminated in the US? The answer to that question will surely depend on your ISP's policies, the countermeasures used to hide that piracy, and how you respond to repeated warnings from your ISP that they know you are infringing copyright.

Fox on Tech: Midterm election security in the spotlight

Winning an election is hard, but securing those elections can be just as difficult, and a monumental task in today's cyber-savvy world as more states convert to online or electronic balloting.And according to a new survey from Unisys, election security is certainly on the minds of voters as they head to polls across the country.

IPhone users are more vain than Android users

A new survey shows that iPhone users make more money and can be considered spendthrift than their Android counterparts, but they are more image conscious as well.

Facebook IDs, blocks dozens of flagged accounts before midterm elections

With less than 24-hours before the midterm elections, Facebook revealed Monday evening that it has “identified around 30 Facebook accounts and 85 Instagram accounts” that were flagged by law enforcement officials as having possible ties to foreign entities.

Twitter removed over 10,000 bots that pretended to be Democrats, report says

Twitterdeleted more than 10,000 automated accounts that were posing as Democrats and posting messages to discourage people from voting during this coming Tuesday's midterm elections after the party flagged the tweets to the social platform, according to a report.

Don’t get ripped off, check your internet speed

We know what “slow” internet is like: videos buffer, downloads lag, and a single page can take forever to appear in its entirety. We wonder whether it’s our browser, our device, or the website we’re visiting.

Are you ready for a chip implant?

You walk into a grocery store and pick up eggs. No smartphone? No problem. You swipe your hand across a reader, and the amount is deducted from your bank account.

Nintendo goes to school

Nintendo is probably the best-known namein gaming, and now they're putting their newest gadget to good use in the classroom, helping kids learn the art of science and design.

Apple busts out new iPads, Macs

Apple is known for its lavish, buzz-filled product announcements that often come from its headquarters in California.But this week, the tech giant tried something new, heading to Brooklyn to take the wraps off its latest gadgets, just in time for the holidays.

Internet divided over iPhone 'clue'

Apple today unveiled the biggest revamp to the iPad since its launch - with the screen covering the whole front of the gadget.

Why passwords might (finally) go away

In 2012, Wired's Matt Honan wrote about the disastrous consequences of tying your entire digital life to a string of letters, digits, and symbols.

Uber launches $14.99 ride pass monthly subscription

Uber really wants you to use its service exclusively for your transportation needs, but in order for that to happen the ridesharing service realized consumers need a little more control over the prices they pay per ride.

Satanic Temple claims Netflix show stole statue design, vows legal action

Lucien Greaves, cofounder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, said the self-described religious organization is taking legal action regarding the new Netflix show "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" for what Greaves claims is copyright infringement.

Facebook sees slower growth as it revamps

FacebookInc.recorded lower third-quarter revenue than expected and warned that it is in the early stages of a transformation in its core businesses that will lead to slower growth and higher costs in the short term.

Did 280-characters make Twitter more civil?

Even with Twitter's 280-character limit, brevity is still the soul of wit, but could that extra space be making the platform's 330 million monthly active users a bit more civil?

Apple shows off new Macs, iPads in massive new update

Apple unveiled new versions of its iPad Pro and refreshed its Mac lineup in time for the busy holiday shopping season, as it looks to capture more of consumers' technology budgets.

Is Snapchat dead?

The Snapchat fad could finally be over as millions of users keep ditching the app.

What to expect from Apple's October Mac event

To nobody's great surprise, the previous Apple event, in September, was the traditional start-of-fall fest that was all about the phones, revealing the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max to the world.

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