Sunday, February 23, 2020

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10 sites to watch movies for free

What should I watch? This question plagues us, no matter how we watch TV. Once we’ve binged our favorite series, seen all the recommended shows and movies, and browsed every genre we could find, we still hit a wall.

What does Apple have up its sleeve in 2020?

Apple is expected to have at least two big product launches in 2020 with the first round coming possibly as early as March. The focus of the second, in the fall, will likely be a 5G iPhone.

New Army technology fast-tracks damaged tanks back to combat

Should U.S. forces be facing a massive armored enemy ground vehicle assault, they would need their own heavily armored vehicles -- such as infantry carriers, ground forces, unmanned attack vehicles and, perhaps of greatest significance, Abrams tanks.

Navy arms amphibs with 13 F-35s, changes future attack tactics

Launching a massive, fast-paced air assault from the sea, providing close-air support for amphibious assault forces and bringing forward-operating surveillance and networking technology to maritime warfare -- are all part of the changing operational calculus introduced by adding F-35s to maritime attack.

Elon Musk takes shot at Bill Gates, cites 'underwhelming' conversations

Following an interview where Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed that he purchased a new Porsche and gave credit to Elon Musk's Tesla for pushing the car industry to go electric, Musk took a shot at the world's richest man, saying his conversations with him have been "underwhelming.

Loch Ness monster: A history of the legendary beast

There's no reason to think that the Loch Ness monster –colloquially known as "Nessie"–exists.However, the legendarydinosaur-likecreaturemakes headlines every year.

Navy preps its new USS Ford carrier for massive ocean warfare

Navy weapons developers say the service’s emerging Ford-class carriers are engineered for the purpose of enabling a much higher volume of high-speed, overwhelming air attacks in rapid succession, as compared to today’s Nimitz-class carriers … all due to new technologies and the design configuration of the platforms.

Best internet deals to save money and maximize speed

Since you signed up for your internet service, you probably haven't given it much thought. It works, so why bother? But a new plan might better suit your needs and save money, too.

What is Daylight Saving Time?

In the coming weeks, many Americans will continue the annual exercise of setting their clocks forward an hour in the name of daylight saving time.

Army Research Lab explores new '6G' and beyond wireless network

A dismounted soldier taking enemy fire in a high-intensity combat engagement comes across a vital enemy location, snaps a quick photo of the area with a handheld device and then transmits the time-sensitive intelligence information to other soldiers and ground commanders.

US accuses Huawei of spying on mobile phone users

Chinese telecom giant Huawei reportedly built equipment that secretly preserves its ability to access networks through what's called 'lawful interception interfaces.'

Jeff Bezos splurges, spending $255M on LA mansions

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has completed a mind-boggling combined real estate transaction, plopping down a whopping $255 million on two Los Angeles-based mansions, including the legendary Warner Estate and the estate of late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Jeff Bezos splurges, spending $255M on LA properties

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has completed a mind-boggling combined real estate transaction, plopping down a whopping $255 million on two Los Angeles-based properties, including the legendary Warner Estate and the estate of late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

9 easy ways to get free Amazon gift cards

We all know Amazon is huge but prepare to be shocked. The tech giant brought in more than $280 billion in revenue last year, with $141 billion alone from online sales.

New laser-guided artillery round destroys moving target

Enemies hiding under a bridge, bunkered down on a specific floor in a large building, seeking cover on the backside of a mountain ridge or moving to attack in an armored vehicle convoy --- are all now more vulnerable to U.S.

Sasquatch watch: Bigfoot 'sightings' over the years

Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Yeti. There are many monikers for the large and mysterious upright bi-pedal mammal that has allegedly roamed the world’s forests for hundreds of years. A long-told legend in many cultures: sightings of the creature have been reported fromthe Himalayas to the woods of Central Oregon.

Facebook settles in Illinois for $550M in rare privacy law

Facebook has agreed to settle a $550 million lawsuit brought on behalf of millions of Illinois users who claim the social network’s automated tagging feature powered by facial recognition technology violates their biometric privacy rights.

How to save important voicemails

When you’ve lost someone special, any little detail or reminder of that person can mean the world. Google's Super Bowl commercial sure pushed that point home and showed us how instrumental tech can be in preserving those memories.

Navy fast-tracks 7 new ocean drone prototypes

A coordinated fleet of Navy drone boats could test and penetrate enemy defenses, launch forward-operating attacks across large areas of ocean, clear mines, attack submarines and use emerging AI to rapidly adjust to changing war circumstances.

Could coronavirus produce iPhone shortages in the US?

A production slowdown could hit Apple's iPhone, potentially disrupting shipments to customers, if China extends the coronavirus factory halt into a second week, according to reports.

Privacy checkup: 4 simple ways to protect your tech

It’s a major hassle to deal with security and locking down your gadgets, but get over it. It’s part of life. Hackers, scammers and thieves are after you, your private information, and of course, your money.

Navy arms sea drones for ocean attack

Armed surface drones at sea could surveil and attack enemy targets, conduct forward reconnaissance on enemy positions and provide human decision-makers with combat essential command and control data -- all as part of massive, great power war on the open seas.

YouTube: No 'deepfakes' or 'birther' videos in 2020 election

YouTube is making clear there will be no “birtherism” on its platform during this year's U.S. presidential election — a belated response to a type of conspiracy theory more prevalent in the 2012 race.

5 apps to order food for the Super Bowl

Super BowlSunday is often associated with the food as much as it is the game itself. Luckily for those watching the event, there are a variety of food delivery apps.

How to clone yourself as a 3D-printed figure

The “selfie” has enjoyed phenomenal popularity as way to record a moment in time, but this coming decade is bringing some big – or rather tiny – competition: 3D-printed clones.

5 of the worst ransomware attacks in the US

Ransomware in 2020 will be as destructive as ever, according to experts. Here are the worst to date – and a preview of what’s to come.

New Air Force technology aims to stop nuclear attacks faster

The Air Force and industry are taking new technical steps to quickly alert commanders in the event that the U.S. comes under nuclear attack, by increasing the time window with which decision-makers have to both defend and potentially retaliate.

8 cool connected home gadgets for 2020

The modern connected home is a marvel of engineering. And, it doesn’t cost that much to upgrade. These gadgets were all announced recently and are shipping soon.

Super Bowl upset? Xbox battle predicts 49ers win

Going intoSuper Bowl LIV, theKansas City Chiefsare a slight favorite over theSan Francisco 49ers, but if the Microsoft Xbox battle is any guide, viewers might be in for an upset on Sunday.

5 pro tips to speed up your old computer

In the tech world, there’s always something bigger, better and faster. But do you really need the latest everything? Sorry early adopters, you don’t if you take care of your gadgets.

Silicon Valley scrambles to stop coronavirus misinformation

The coronavirus's rapid spread worldwide is forcing Big Tech to confront the equally viral proliferation of misinformation -- in the form outright falsehoods and half-truths about the outbreak.

NFL teams' Twitter accounts hacked ahead of Super Bowl LIV

A number of NFL teams' Twitter accounts have apparently been targeted by hackers, including the accounts for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, who meet in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

5 ways to limit your phone’s location tracking

What an amazing feat of technology that your phone’s GPS lets you instantly search for nearby cafes, get traffic alerts, and find your friends, among countless other location-sensitive tasks.

Google just created the most detailed image of a brain yet

Scientists have created the most detailed 3D map of an organism brain to date. The mesmerizing threads of blue, yellow, purple and green represent thousands of brain cells and millions of connections found inside the brain of a fruit fly.

7 amazing gadgets for outdoor winter adventures

In the dead of January, there is only one solution to the cold and snow:to venture outside with high-tech gear. Here are seven gadgets to helpyou explore the world, record a few high-def videos, find your way on a trail and stay warm even in the subzero temperatures.