Monday, September 24, 2018

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iPhone XS and XS Max don't survive drops

If you've paid a small fortune to have an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max in your pocket, the answer to the question "should it put it in a protective case?" is a resounding yes!

Air Force: New bomb technology lags behind large air platform innovation

U.S. Air Force researchers and bomb-makers are expressing concerns that the modernization of air-dropped weapons has been lagging-behind the many technical advances built into the larger platforms that drop them, such as the B-2, F-35 and the emerging B-21.

Creepy robot that could 'destroy us all' has a new rival

In May, the world got a new look at Boston Dynamics' intriguing, albeit terrifying robots, Atlas, a humanoid robot, and SpotMini, a doglike robot, performing new functions such as running through the woods and navigating around an office.

Twitter bug may have exposed direct messages

Twitter on Friday announced it has fixed a bug affecting one of its APIs that may have sent users' private direct messages and protected tweets to third-party developers who were not meant to receive them.

Don't fall for the latest fake check scams

You open your mail, and you find something unbelievable: a check for $10,000. You think it’s an advertisement, but then you realize it’s authentic. You could actually cash this piece of paper for real money.

Air Force cites need to defend against enemy's hypersonic weapons

The Air Force is taking another step in an aggressive plan to prototype, test and deploy hypersonic weapons on an expedited schedule -- to defend against enemy attacks by fast-tracking an ability to launch high-impact, high-speed attacks at Mach.

Facebook accused of allowing gender bias in job ads

Facebook is discriminating against millions of women by allowing companies to target job advertisements toward men, according to charges filed on Tuesday against the company with the U.S.

Google's China prototype reportedly links searches to phone numbers

Google built a prototype of a censored search engine for China that reportedly links users’ searches to their personal phone numbers—therefore making it easier for the Chinese government to monitor its citizens’ queries.

8 clever ways that tech can reveal a cheating spouse

People cheat. Not everyone, not all the time, but extramarital affairs are downright common. Even now, in the age of serial divorces and polyamory, when marriage is as flexible – and even disposable – as it ever has been, devoted husbands and wives succumb to temptation.

Pentagon maps future plans with Artificial Intelligence

The Pentagon is making a massive push to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence to ships, tanks, aircraft, drones, weapons and large networks as part of a sweeping strategy to more quickly harness and integrate the latest innovations.

Army to unveil new 'multi-domain operations' strategy

The U.S. Army is preparing to more fully unveil its fast-moving strategic shift toward “Multi-Domain Operations” in coming weeks as part of a long-term effort to further operationalize joint-warfare techniques and tactics.

Fox on Tech: What should you do with your old iPhone?

Wednesday's Apple announcement is sending iPhone fans scrambling to stores and their favorite online retail sites, hoping to be among the first to get their hands on the new products.

Weapons upgrade set to make US Special Operations even more deadly

U.S. Special Operations are a remarkable, formidable fighting force who are admired and feared throughout the world. Now, the military’s elite warriors are set to become even more deadly with a new addition to their arsenal.

Reddit bans QAnon conspiracy theory forums

Several Reddit communities devoted to QAnon, a collection of radical “deep state” conspiracy theories, were banned from the site Wednesday.

Apple Watch will call for help if you fall

Making health a big selling point of the Apple Watch, Apple said the new Apple Watch Series 4 will not only be able to screen your heart rate, but will call for help if you fall.

Air Force prototypes new air-launched nuclear-armed cruise missile

US Air Force weapons developers are working with industry to pursue early prototypes of a new air-launched, nuclear-armed cruise missile able to pinpoint targets with possible attacks from much farther ranges than bombers can typically attack.

Google, Facebook face massive fines over terror propaganda

The European Union is proposing massive fines for online providers that aren’t fast enough in removing terrorist content from their services, raising pressure on big tech firms like Facebook and Google that have backed voluntary approaches.

Facebook's Rosetta AI detects offensive memes

This week, Facebook announced the deployment of a large-scale machine learning system named Rosetta, which it's using to automatically and proactively identify "inappropriate or harmful content" in images on the social network.

Hurricane Florence apps to use during the storm

Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 storm, could hit multiple states this week -- potentially wreaking havoc and leaving thousands without necessary resources.

Apple's massive new iPhone could make history

September is iPhone season and this year is no different, as Apple is set to unveil three new models tomorrow, including its biggest iPhone ever, a phone that'll have a screen approaching 6.5 inches and a price tag to match.

Navy pursues new stealthy heavyweight attack torpedo

Navy weapons developers are seeking a high-tech, longer range and more lethal submarine-launched heavyweight Mk 48 that can better destroy enemy ships, submarines and small boats, service officials said.

11 smart devices you never knew about before now

With all the buzz about smart devices, you may wonder: what makes technology “smart”? What about those old clap-on lamps? What about a multi-use remote? At what point does it stop being “convenient” and become a bona fide smart device?

Army plans prototype new 'light tank' Mobile Protected Firepower vehicle

The U.S. Army plans to build prototypes in the next several years of a new lightweight Mobile Protected Firepower armored vehicle expected to change land war by outmatching Russian equivalents and bringing a new dimension to advancing infantry as it maneuvers toward enemy attack.

Google pushes physical security key

The internet's biggest search engine is going low-tech for its latest product, aimed at helping you secure your files on the Google cloud - and beyond.

Air Force validates new weapons for its F-22 Raptor stealth fighter

The Air Force and Lockheed Martin have now validated several new weapons on the F-22 Raptor to equip the stealth fighter with more long-range precision attack technology, a wider targeting envelope or “field of regard” and new networking technology enabling improved, real-time “collaborative targeting” between aircraft.

North Korean computer programmer charged by Justice Department for 2014 Sony hack

A North Korean computer programmer tied to the country’s “malign cyber activities” has been charged Thursday by the Justice Department for the 2014 hack against Sony Pictures Entertainment that resulted in the disclosure of tens of thousands of leaked emails and other materials.

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