Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Navy plans to shoot nuclear missile from new Columbia-class sub

Almost nobody knows where they are at any given time, yet nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines quietly patrol dark domains of the undersea realm in strategically vital waters around the globe, bringing the prospect of unprecedented destruction upon potential enemies -- all as a way to keep peace.

Air Force preps light attack plane for combat missions in great power war

Despite the Air Force’s stated intention and the widespread assumption that a low-cost off-the-shelf Light Attack airplane would primarily perform counterinsurgency missions, it seems entirely conceivable that the plane could have limited uses for major power warfare as well.

4 places to look for your unclaimed money

Somehow, money gets lost. We leave cash in odd places. Given how hard we work for money, it’s hard to believe how easily we misplace it.

Stealthy USS Zumwalt Destroyer to fire new missiles, laser weapons

The U.S. Navy’s stealthy new first-of-its-kind destroyer will incinerate targets with lasers, fire advanced weapons to destroy moving targets at sea and use upgraded interceptor missiles to track and knock-out approaching enemy fire -- all as part of a broader strategic shift to prepare the high-tech ship for massive, “blue-water” maritime warfare on the open seas.

Air Force gives stealthy F-22 Raptors new air-to-air attack weapons

The U.S. Air Force is now integrating new weapons onto 143 F-22s to massively expand their target envelope, air-to-air attack range and lock-on-launch precision -- to preserve the widely held belief that the stealth fighter is the most advanced and dominant air-to-air fighter ever to exist.

Twitter accidentally shared user data with advertising partner

Twitter says it “inadvertently” collected iOS location data from some of its users and shared it with one of its “trusted” advertising partners — marking the fourth time in the past year that people’s private information has been made public.

Compagno: Facebook bans are a 'farce,' attempts to virtue signal

Emily Compagno, co-host of "The Five," suggested on Friday that Facebook banned a host of controversial figures — author Milo Yiannopoulos, Infowars founder Alex Jones, and Nation of Islam leaderLouis Farrakhan — because the platform wanted to distract from the fact that it amplified violence.

A-10 pilot describes how iconic plane survives attacks

Known for an ability to keep flying after taking multiple rounds of enemy machine gun fire, land and operate in rugged terrain, destroy groups of enemy fighters with a 30mm cannon and unleash a wide arsenal of attack weapons, the A-10 is described by pilots as a “flying tank” in the sky -- able to hover over ground war and provide life-saving close air support in high-threat combat environments.

Zuckerberg spent $59M buying 'secret' property in Lake Tahoe

A new report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spent $59 million buying two properties in Lake Tahoe, continuing to expand his vast real estate portfolio around the country.

Facebook bans Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos for being 'dangerous'

Facebook has permanently banned several far-right or hate figures and organizations including Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Infowars host Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos, for being "dangerous" -- a signal that the social network is enforcing its policies against hate speech more intensely.

Amazon targets Middle East with Arabic website

Amazon.comInc. said Wednesday it is diving deeper into the Middle East’s burgeoning market for online sales, launching the first Arabic-language site under its own brand in a country better known for over-the-top malls, the United Arab Emirates.

Google workers stage sit-in to protest alleged retaliation

Google employees worldwide are staging a sit-in to protest retaliation at the tech giant on the six-month anniversary of the #GoogleWalkout that saw 20,000 workers leave their offices to demonstrate against sexual harassment and pay inequity.

Google workers share retaliation stories at sit-in protest

Google employees worldwide are staging a sit-in to protest retaliation at the tech giant on the six-month anniversary of the #GoogleWalkout that saw 20,000 workers leave their offices to demonstrate against sexual harassment and pay inequity.

Facebook tries a new look as Zuckerberg proclaims a new era

FacebookInc. rolled out a substantial redesign of its website and mobile app, as Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg seeks to address criticism of the social-media giant’s influence by nudging users toward different types of engagement and more private communication tools.

Google shows first cracks in years

Google’s once-untouchable online-advertising operation took a body blow, hurt by mounting competition and struggles within its increasingly high-profile YouTube unit.

Inside the Stryker Turret: New targeting tech destroys drone swarms

When a Stryker gunner released the so-called “dead man’s” switch on the vehicle’s 30mm cannon, a slow-moving ground drone target exploded into a cloud of smoke and fire, marking a demonstration of a new counter-drone sensor-shooter technology now in development for Army consideration.

7 tools for fixing Windows problems

Months go by, and Windows works. Then, out of nowhere, your computer slows down. Files don’t open right away. Programs freeze or shut down. Your system probably needs some TLC, but what should you do?

CIA joins Instagram with a staged photo of Haspel’s desk

One of the government’s most secretive agencies came out of the cold Thursday morning by joining Instagram. The Central Intelligence Agency posted a photo of a cluttered desk at the spy agency, with the text, “I spy with my little eye…”

Instagram change could seriously upset influencers

It’s a sad state of affairs that so many social media users tend to base self-worth on how many “likes” their post garners, but Instagram — the platform of choice for today’s cultural influencers — may be trying to change that.

Army and Air Force draft new combined 'war attack plan'

The Army and the Air Force are crafting a new combined air-ground combat attack strategy to improve warfare networks, perform long-range sensing of targets, strike enemies more effectively and strengthen defenses across multiple domains in real-time.

Russian news anchor robot sparks 'propaganda' controversy: report

A Russian news channel has reportedly started using a robot to anchor some of its newscast - but not everyone is impressed. ‘Alex,’ which was built by and based on Promobot co-founder Alexei Yuzhakov, has started reporting stories on Rossiya 24 about agriculture and nuclear technology among other topics.

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