WATCH: Woman Uses Prosthetic Leg as Weapon During Hockey Brawl

This will definitely fall into the “You don’t see that everyday” category.

A female hockey fan at a Golden Knights game in Vegas decided to remove her prosthetic leg and beat another fan with it during a brawl in the stands.

A prosthetic leg was used in a fight tonight in Vegas at T-Mobile arena. #VegasBorn  via

— HockeyDB (@hockey_db) November 28, 2021

On the one hand, you could score this as unsportsmanlike conduct, given that she’s using a hardened object to bludgeon another person. But, on the other hand, maintaining one’s balance is a critical part of any pugilistic match, and she has made herself vulnerable here by removing one of her legs, albeit an artificial one.

So, it’s clearly a push, and I think ultimately, the fan fight Gods will have to sustain this particular form of assault. It’s not visible from this specific angle, but one can only imagine the look on her victim’s face when she reached down and removed one of her legs to continue the fight. That’s one of those moments where you realize the person you’re fighting is perhaps way too committed to winning this scrap, and discretion becomes the better part of valor.

Twitter had fun with the prosthetic pugilist:

She was just one step ahead of them

— Matt🇳🇱 (@PrairieAgMF) November 28, 2021

There was something definitely a-foot in T-Mobile

— Kyle L (@KL_71) November 28, 2021

Some thought the move had a professional wrestling feel to it. As one Twitter user pointed out, the folks at the WWE have already been there and done that.

Already been done years ago.

— Rick (@RickinBaltimore) November 28, 2021

It’s unknown what started the fight, but who cares? A lady took her freaking leg off and beat someone with it! That’s the story.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Dylan Gwinn