WATCH: 'Lockdown Britain Has Lost Blitz Spirit', Wartime Couple Tell Fox

WATCH: 'Lockdown Britain Has Lost Blitz Spirit', Wartime Couple Tell Fox

Britain has mostly lost the ‘Blitz Spirit’ that got it through the Second World War, an elderly couple told Breitbart News on the campaign trail with actor-turned-London-Mayoral-candidate Laurence Fox. They both supported Fox’s views that London’s lockdown should end now.

“We’ve had enough,” said the elderly gentleman.

His wife said they’d coped with being locked down in their London flat because of their wartime experiences:

We were evacuees during the Second World War. We know what it’s like to be separated from your family. So we just got on with it like we did in the war.

Has Britain lost the spirit it had in the war? “Of course,” said the lady. “It’s a totally different country.”

Fox’s campaign in Sutton, South London drew a mixed crowd of supporters. Though the polling company YouGov, which has strong links to the government, persistently claims that there is huge public support for the Tory administration’s draconian lockdown policies, the views on the street seem much more balanced. Fox claims that his private polling suggests that there is far less public support for lockdowns than the establishment polls show.

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Among some of the other Fox supporters interviewed by Breitbart News, freedom of speech was a key issue. Perhaps the best example of this was the one Fox supporter who felt unable to speak on camera for fear of losing her job.

The (understandably) anonymous supporter was a black civil servant who had been won over to Fox’s cause after seeing him perform on BBC Question Time.

This was used by woke troublemakers to try accuse Fox of being a racist. It was precisely the kind of weaponised offence-taking and grievance-mongering that Fox attacked on the programme.

He said (about the racism industry):

One of the dangerous things about throwing racism around in this country which we’re doing a lot at the moment is that people become so conscious of it that things like the Manchester grooming scandal get ignored. We… should not call someone racist just when they don’t agree with you.

Fox also criticised Meghan Markle, which was again used as evidence of “racism”. This infuriated the black civil servant who had come to join him on the campaign bus. The civil servant told me: “I hate the way they made it about skin colour when skin colour had nothing to do with it. It makes me angry. I grew up in France where there is lots of racism. But I have never encountered anything like that here, not once.”

However, the civil servant did not dare show his face on camera because, he said, if his colleagues heard him say such “controversial” things he would lose his job.

Fox does not expect to win an election against a London mayor as entrenched and powerful as Labour’s Sadiq Khan. But he does expect to make a good showing, especially now his Reclaim Party has formed an alliance with the Reform Party (formerly the Brexit Party) for the duration of the London Mayoral campaign:

🚨A Big Announcement!🚨

Today @TiceRichard & @LozzaFox will announce that Reform UK and Reclaim will be forming a pact in London!

Reform UK will endorse Laurence in his bid to become the Mayor of London, while Reclaim will endorse Reform UK's candidates for the London Assembly.

— Reform UK (@reformparty_uk) April 22, 2021

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