WATCH: Browns Fans Fight Each Other in Wild Pregame Melee

WATCH: Browns Fans Fight Each Other in Wild Pregame Melee

The Browns have their act together on the football field. As for their fans in the parking lot and surrounding areas of the stadium?

That’s another story.

The action started with a mano a mano between a Browns fan in a hoodie and another Browns fan in an Odell Beckham Jr. jersey. Then, incredibly, it evolved into a full-on melee with perhaps as many as 12 people duking it out.


They fight with the same a level of skill that the Browns play football with…(runs into closet)

— Dallas (@59dallas) September 20, 2021

Everything might have been okay, but, ironically, the guys who came to break up the fight actually ended up escalating things and starting a brand new fight that was far worse than the original scrap.

In fairness, the fight should not have been broken up at that time. Odell Beckham Jr. jersey took several blows to the head and fought his way out of a nasty position to get back to his feet. UFC commentator Joe Rogan is not here right now, but if he were, I’m pretty sure he would say that guy deserved to finish the fight after mounting that kind of a comeback.

Regardless, the beverage table ended up getting the worst of it, as is often the case in these parking lot brawls.  The ratio of strikes-landed to strikes-thrown was wildly out of whack, and it appears most, if not all of the combatants, escaped significant injury.

The Texans, however, did not escape injury. Houston lost starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor to injury and then lost the football game to the Browns, 31-21.

Dylan Gwinn