VIDEO: LeBron Fined for 'Obscene Gesture' During Pacers Game

VIDEO: LeBron Fined for 'Obscene Gesture' During Pacers Game

Just when you thought LeBron James couldn’t get any worse, he does.

During the same game on Wednesday night where he got two fans ejected from the game, LeBron James engaged in a disgusting act (forgive my inner Joe Buck) that will serve to remind everyone why he will never be revered the same way Michael Jordan is, no matter how great he is.

During the Lakers 124-116 victory over the Pacers, James grabbed his crotch while running down the floor, a move that has earned him a $15,000 fine from the league.

The NBA has fined LeBron James $15,000 for making an "obscene gesture" during the Lakers' win over Indiana

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) November 27, 2021

What a child. Actually, no, a child would probably know better. Incredibly, LeBron’s crotch dance was arguably not his worst look of the night. Here he is getting two fans ejected from the game.

LeBron is not happy with these Pacers fans

— NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) November 25, 2021

It appears that in addition to death and taxes, we can now add LeBron James finding new ways to make an ass out of himself to the certainties of life.

Dylan Gwinn